What could possibly go wrong?

On the day of the worst air crash in years, the Emmys begin tonight with Conan O’Brien crashing on an airplane and ending up on Lost. “What could possibly go wrong?” he asks. That. Otherwise a cute gag: dropping in on Office, House, South Park — where Tom Cruise is in the closet — and Dateline catching predators (proving that Dateline is nothing but entertainment). Bad timing, nonetheless.

: LATER: LostRemote says the GM of the NBC station in Lexington was horrified. They should have at least warned him.

: Also on Lost Remote, Steve Safran wonders whether the FCC will go after the Emmys for being “ass over tit.”

  • Angelos

    Should he have known this, 5 weeks ago?

    Shit happens.

  • chAng


    …I appreciated that episode because it explained scientology to people.I thought to myself,myself…surely this can’t be what they believe,but with multi-google searches I proved to myself otherwise.
    …Scientology is crazy,but a more interesting one is the church of the subgenius.It’d be interesting to hear your take on them sometime.


  • Brian J

    “Should he have known this, 5 weeks ago?”

    No, but you adapt to deal with real-world events. It happens all the time in the industry. The twin towers were removed from the Spider-Man movie posters. Trailers of The Core were re-edited after the Columbia disaster. I agree with a blog that wondered whether the producers would have proceeded had the plane crashed in Los Angeles. I for one doubt it.

  • So anytime something bad happens anywhere that may or may not give people a little funny feeling while watching, Hollywood should go to great efforts to cut it? The opening monologue was filmed and prepped weeks in advanced…but they had to cut it just hours before the show cause some people may be sad? The Spider-Man trailer is a bad example cause 1) that was a historic moment, a plane crash isn’t b) they had to pull trailers for more then a week while they recut a new trailer. Its wasn’t something they just prepped hours later.

    But mostly I find it interesting that a blogger that attacks the FCC for censorship…is asking for censorship.

  • I think they should cancel Lost too.

  • That wasn’t Survivor. it was Lost.

  • anonymous

    That’s just silly. It was a spoof on a TV SHOW not a real event. You know, everyday people get murdered and killed and whatever, and TV shows go right ahead and show those events in fictional dramas. How dare they!

  • kat

    Personally, I would have changed the opening. It was tasteless and thoughtless to air it hours after the tragedy.

  • Richard,
    Damn, that cabernet was good. Thanks! Fixed now.

  • “The worst air crash in years?” More like the worst crash in the last few hours.

    Unless, of course, you consider the 45 killed in Pakistan on July 10 to be subhuman. Or perhaps the 128 fatalities in a Russian air crash are not worth consideration either. Or the 113 Russians killed May 3. And you probably didn’t even think at all about the 10 Nigerians killed December or the 117 Nigerians killed October 22. Or the 99 people killed less than a year ago, September 5, in Indonesia. http://www.planecrashinfo.com/database.htm

    I have some very choice words for your phrasing, but you probably know what I’m thinking right now.

  • kat

    I think anyone with even half a brain would know that Jeff was talking about a crash in the US.

  • Well of course, kat. And anyone with half a brain would realize that the United States is the whole world.