Advertisers: Head, meet sand, insert

Advertising Age has an amazingly story — amazingly bad — trying to assure advertisers that they don’t need to worry their not-so-little heads about all this digital stuff they hear. The moral to the story: Most people don’t read blogs or hear podcasts, so don’t bother. You’d expect me to get huffy about this and I will. First, I wonder whether Ad Age delivered similar bromides at this stage in the growth of cable and the VCR. Second, this only continues the myth that only mass matters. It doesn’t matter that most people don’t read blogs or hear podcasts. It never will. In a post-mass marketplace, you will have to look for audiences wherever they are. Yes, you should look on network TV … only you won’t find as many there as you used to. But to ignore not just these new media but also their potential is just stupid. Ad Age, you should be ashamed of yourself.