Networked filmmaking

The Washington Post tells the story of Robert Greenwald and Jim Gillian raising the money for a documentary taking on Iraq war profiteering from public contributions. Two rich people gave $182,000 and 3,000 more gave an average of $62 each, totalling $185,000.

  • It’s an interesting project, but I see that one of the contractors that had been particularly overcharging has been exonerated in court because the court had no jurisdiction. The contractor worked for the Coalition.

  • james


    Is that what you call it?

  • Brave New Films has made really interesting documentaries! They might even beat Michael Moore soon!

  • james, ‘exonerated in court’ is what I call it. A finding that the court can’t call the company [Battles] guilty of course is not a finding of not guilty.

  • Jim Gilliam is only 28 years old. In a previous incarnation, he was a venture capitalist and a chief technology officer. – I think that hims karma may be to strong ;-)

  • Your blog is the one of the first things I read when I get into the office every morning. Am from Singapore, where some of us are trying to promote the kind of debate over the role of the media and the press that we see happening elsewhere. It’s hard to get people here to see that the press can be responsible and not be state lackeys, but we’re getting there (I hope).

    (btw, have linked to your post on networked filmmaking on my blog. Hope you don’t mind :) )

  • J

    I guess if I don’t have a problem with product placement in movies and TV shows, I shouldn’t object to them in newspaper articles. But instead of this baloney about a “new” way to raise money for filmmaking, how about promoting this movie in an article about…evading campaign finance rules? These guys got half their money from a pair of whales who, like the rest of the donors, undoubtedly regard their donation as a campaign contribution. I don’t see this catching on outside the political realm, though it’s a somewhat novel means of dodging campaign finance restrictions. What’s with all the mega-rich leftists?