Calling Mr. Dell

BL Ochman has‘ the tip of the day for Dell on the occasion of its plummeting stock:

Wake up Michael Dell! Your company is sick and you’re the guy who can restore confidence in it. Not a marketing guy, not a PR person, not any spokesman … you. No platitudes. No philosophy. No corporate speak. You! What the hell are you waiting for?

  • What does B.L. know from market fundamentals?

    Here, from CNET NEWS “What’s gone wrong with the PC industry’s low-cost wonder? To start, analysts wonder if Dell’s costs are on the rise. Also, after years of wowing investors and the PC-buying public with its online sales and marketing, the resurgence of the retail market in PCs is hurting the company just as its corporate customers ease back on purchases, according to analysts.”

    Note: no goofy mention of Michael Dell blogging, let alone any reference to 6 million torch-and-pitchfork-bearing communists.

    – Amanda

  • Old Grouch

    Anybody up for banning sock puppets?

  • Said this earlier but it bears repeating….

    If Benjamin Franklin were alive, he surely would have an anonymous blog. Franklin truths invariably arrived under a variety of names. Ol’ Ben knew that those he put a spotlight on would seek to crush him.

    Think about it.

    – Amanda

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  • Never again Dell, you have the worst customer service in the world!

  • I believe B.L Ochman uses the power of blogging for evil and is guilty of extortion.

  • Alan

    It is a fact, the customer service has been getting bad at Dell for awhile.

    However, I see two things.

    One, Dell had a reputation of being the best there was at customer service while their competition had reputations for bad customer service. Now Dell is as bad as the rest and it hurts them more than being bad all along.

    Second, Jeff, BL, me and pretty much everyone else thinks we know what needs to be done to turn things around, but in reality, we would all probably piss our pants trying to run a 50 billion dollar company and not ruin it in 6 months.

    Well, I would ruin it in 6 months, I’ll give everyone else the benefit of the doubt and say the place would be a pile of pink slips in a year under their leadership.

  • notlefthanded

    This story appeared on digg today. Dell sounds like the worst kind of bureaucracy-

  • Mark Clermont

    I will never buy another Dell again. They ripped me off in replacing a computer they broke. My hopes are that people boycott Dell computers as they are liers and you will get ripped off so especially do not buy an extended warrenty as this was the cause of my problems

  • Paul

    As I sit here being on hold for over 1 hour — I SAY THE SAME THING!! NEVER AGAIN….

    • kevin

      I totally aree my new dell arived today with the cd rom broken ,they kept me on hold for 1 hour ‘ and then I could not understand them , never again I will buy British in future.

  • Frank

    I am sorry that I didn´t read about Dell´s service before I bought my computer several weeks ago. I don´t want to bore you with the details of their absolutely terrible customer & technical service. I also say: Never again!!

  • On 7/21/06 my computer failed (I have owned it 1 year). I called tech support and was shuttled to hardware support. The tech went through some trouble shooting and diagnosed my problem as a faulty hard drive. At that time she (Richa at phone # 1-800-624-9896 ext. 588-1817) told me a new hard drive would be sent. It was received at my home in 3 days. However, it was the INCORRECT hard drive. it didn’t fit my laptop. I called and played phone tag a few times before I got a return call from Richa ready to assist with installation and set up of my new hard drive. I told her it was the wrong drive. She then told me a replacement would be sent. I was to keep the faulty hard drive and #1 replacement until I received the new one and then return them both at one time. I waited and waited. and made phone calls in the mean time. Lo and Behold, more than 1 month later, still no hard drive. I tried several times to call the number (above) without success. I tried several different numbers that I found online. After numerous navigation attempts on the complicated website, I finally found an online chat for hardware problems. I tried that. After waiting 10 minutes I was finally online live. Okay. Now the tech puts me through the same stuff Richa did. Troubleshooting the problem. I told him, I already knew what the problem was; I JUST WANTED MY HARDRIVE! But no, I had to go through the motions—guess what? He diagnosed a faulty hard drive. He (Ajit) assured me I would receive my hard drive in 2-3 business days. I informed him, I wanted the hard drive TOMORROW AND I wanted a call from his manager to confirm that the hard drive would be sent TOMORROW (okay by the latest Monday). I also wanted someone to follow-up to assist me with installation and to make sure the thing worked properly. Not only that, I want an additonal month put on my 4 year warranty to cover the MONTH I WAS LEFT WITHOUT A LAPTOP! I am very angry and frustrated about this whole ordeal. I will continue to write emails letters, phone calls and chats until this is resolved. If it is not resolved in 1 week, I will follow up with complaints to the better business bureau, the tv and radio news consumer reports, the newspapers and anyone else I can think of. I will also ply emails and letters to Dell corporate headquarters and the big shots who run the company

  • Jason

    Write a letter to:

    Michael Dell
    c/o Dell Computer Corporation
    1 Dell Way
    Round Rock, TX 78682-0001

    Believe it or not, the letters are read. Same thing applies for any legal matters.

  • Chris

    Well, I will say that Dell has some serious Quality issues. I have now had another Dell hard drive go bad on me. This is the second one in 6 months. I think Dell is trying to avoid recalling faulty hard drives after the faulty battery issue recently. So, if you have a Dell Laptop, keep a current backup of all of your files and data because it’s not safe on a Dell!


    Well i actually work for dell technical support. And i agree dell are rubbish. They have that many policies and procedures (believe it or not….. not only for you the end users but for us the employees)

    They expect us to do a good job but to be fair they don’t give too hoots!!! They is ALWAYS calls in our queue which really shows how many people have problems with their pc’s.


  • ken

    I have a dell, can’t get service which has the warranty, they sit there and say the problem is mine, from the first day it was turned on it took over 10 min. to boot up, once up and running ran ok, call dell complained, and they said it was something i installed, explained i hadnt installed nothing, told they would get back with me, well here we are 10 months down the road with same problem, and i’m still calling trying to get it fixed,

    does anyone have the phone number to the texas office?

  • Let’s not just talk about Dell’s after sales service. Let’s talk about pre-sales!

    Firstly, I have never purchased from Dell. I just got off an incredibly frustrating call with Dell where I was looking to purchase $4M – $6M worth of equipment over the next 4 years. Spoke to Santosh (refused to give me his extension) who spent 35 minutes asking me question after question about my requirements. When we finished, he asked me to email him the details of the equipment that I needed.

    If I had known that I would not have called!!

    Called back a few minutes later and spoke to Amir (x71239) who explained that Santosh had only been there for 3 months and didn’t know anything about large server networks. He apologized and said he would transfer me to Kranthi (x72037) who has been working with large server configurations for several years.

    Spoke to Kranthi for close to an hour and, again, described what I was looking for. Finally he told me that he would have to get a storage expert involved and that he would call me tomorrow. What time would be convenient? Told him 08:00 Mountain. That is a problem because he does not start until 12:00 Eastern and then he has to make contact with the Storage Expert. I will just have to wait until people show up for work. I will have to be available at their convenience.

    In frustration, I asked for the Corporate Mailing Address so that I could write to Mr. Dell and complain. Apparently Kranthi is not permitted to give out the Corporate Mailing Address because “that is Mr. Michael Dell’s personal address. I am not permitted to give out confidential information.”

    Clearly, my next call is to IBM. Dell is certainly not interested in my business.

  • Michelle T

    I to have been fighting with dell techs that do not speak or have an understanding of the english language. My warranty is over in April 2007 , and I believe that is what they are waiting for. The last time I was on the phone with someone for 2 hours and he kept telling me that nothing was wrong with my CR-Rom drive. It only takes 1-2 days or more to install a program. My big problem was the deadly blue screen, he told me it was a soft ware program and if I reloaded all my software it would fix it. I told him that I had 1200 plus pics on the computer. He than told me to take it to Best Buy , Geek squad. I did and they were finally after many days of working on the thing , they were able to save my pics. It was a bad harddrive. They did replace. that, but it still won’t load software and it is slower than syrup. I was told for my keypad provlem that a tech would be sent to my house , that was over 2 months ago. I just don’t want to call these idiots up any more and that is what they are hoping. We have waited the same time frame for a supervisor to return my call.. In Jan I will try to call one more time, Then I write letters and call tv and newspapers. Probabaly won’t work but I will feel better. I haven’t even turned it on for two months since I got it back from BB. I did go buy an Apple. I am so happy with that purchase, and techs that you can understand. Amazing.

  • Eric H

    Like all others who made the mistake of buying from Dell, I too have been caught up in the hellish nightmare that is loosely called Dell Support. I recently ordered an Inspiron 1501 laptop. By the way, Mr. Dell IF you truly DO read what is going on around the Internet about you, my order number is: 374085291. There! Now you know I’m not just blowing smoke. My problems have run the gammit from having to constantly argue with the non English speaking support reps to get the software disks for diagnosis to finally having to ship the laptop in because, according to the broken English from India’s tech support: “We don’t trust the 3rd party company we send on service calls to fix anything. They are not capable of doing anything.” Ok.. Then why hire them in the first place? After hours of calls and getting bounced around through the myriad of menusha, I did reach an individual in the US named Ken. He refused to reveal where is located but he did give me his extension as 7254338. Ken told me that ‘Dell has routed calls for laptops back to the US because of problems with support in India’. Fine but it doesn’t fix my problem any quicker nor does it give me any confidence that it can be fixed right in the first place. Now my laptop is lost through some ‘other 3rd party company’ called Selectron. I feel I will have to find a lawsuit pending in order to get my machine back IN PROPER WORKING ORDER or get my money back. I fear the latter will be an impossibility given Dells horrible reputation. The last report I was given told me that there is a 4 week backlog at Selectron to fix pcs. 4 WEEKS! Again, Mr Dell, IF you do read this my dispatch number is: 83080627.
    I do know this Michael Dell, Michael George and all the other Dell execs, I, like the multitude of others who are EXTREMELY dissatisfied with your shoddy product, will NEVER buy another piece of equipment bearing your name.

  • Ian

    Yeah, bought a dell xps laptop about a year ago. 4 months after buying, the hd crashed. a month after getting the replacement, it crashed. after wading through the hell of customer service, i was able to convince them to give me a replacement, thinking the laptop was a “lemon.” they sent me a refurbed unit. it did have a few spiffs that the other one didn’t, but it was still a refurb. three months later the cd drive went bad. now, a month after that, the hd went bad (while in the middle of backing up! RARRR).

    I’ll write MR dell, tell him I think I should be reimbursed the cost of my crappy laptop so I can buy an hp or toshiba, but we all know that won’t happen.

  • Roger Bartell

    My friend signed an three year agreement with a server company called telus. The company is one of the biggest phone, internet companies in
    Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.
    She now has a $400.00 credit to buy a Dell machine of her choice, she is committed to this, on pain of over a $300.00 penalty for withdrawal from telus. The nice lady has an eye focus problem which enables her to see 14″ screens well but not 15″ go figure. She does not have a lot of space in her apartment so she is wants to buy a note book.
    What do you people know about the inspiron 1501 and the 640? Please help me to help her I do not want her to become unhappy with her first computer.

  • Jackie C.

    I am getting a Dell Inspirion 4100 notebook computer free from a friend of mine as he has bought a new Toshiba. He said I would have to replace the hardrive because it went bad after less than 2 years. Is this the model that everyone seems to be having problems with? Should I just get another brand and forget about it?

  • kenney

    they should take the dell laptops and sell them for square frisbees and throw them all towards the nearest dumpster.fed up with them never own another one

  • Jennifer

    Dell is full of crap, my screen went out on my Inspirion 1000 after 3 years of having it, before dell even came and picked up my laptop i got overcharged on my card by $498.64 BEFORE THEY PICKED IT UP!!!!! that was Jan 26th its almost the end of Feburary and I still have no laptop, half of my money back, 15 case numbers, seems to be I have 3 different names and addresses, this is crazy!!!! Iam a college student I need my laptop back and want to be completely refunded.

  • Alex

    It’s nice to see other people here I can comiserate with, but what are we going to do about it? I’ve had 3 out 4 hard drives go bad on my two Precision workstations in the last 6 months and am convinced they put crappy rebuilt hardware into their new high-end machines just to piss everyone off! Many people are hoping for a boycott – but that may be too passive. Dell was once a great company – now they’re crap. They need to be inspired to return to their previous roots. But how…

  • sukhwinder Sarkaria


    I bought DELL dimension 9200 and spent about 1000£ for playing my flight simulator game which I love to play. When I called first time to Dell they asked me for what purpose I want computer I told them for playing only flight simulatror game. Then the guy name Mackeown assured me to go for this 9200 with 2 GB of memory and good graphics card. Well computer arrived but after two weeks started showing blue screen error, I as usually spoke to hard ware and software people they spent hell lot of time on phone try to solve my problem. Then my computer was picked thrice from my house for repair, but the problem could not be traced by so called DELL technicians.

    I was so frustrated by their service, and finally after lengthy arguments they decided to send me a new PC which actually arrived two days back, I was very happy.

    But what now this shit piece has same blue screen problem, it comes when I go on internet or play game. I am so shattered I dont want to see DELL computer in my house. I want my money back now for that If I have to knock the court I will do so.

  • Stephanie Rouse

    I agree Dell need to wake up and start treating customers like people they value! I am sooooo frustrated. I could rant all day but you will have heard it all before – let’s just say their customer service couldn’t be much worse!

  • Michael Lee

    Dell suffers from a classic case of outsourcing their brain. Now all they have left is an empty skill and everyone is getting in line to bash it in.

  • A. C. T.

    I wish I saw this before I purchased my Dell in December 2006–I am now in DELL HELL, BANCTEC HELL & SYNTECHS HELL. I just need them to send me a technician to install a motherboard that I rec’d on May 31–I am so ready to find a technician locally and never go thru DELL’S tech support again!!!!!!!! Oh and I pretty much told them that my network adapter was failing and they still made me jump through 4 different wizards only to tell me what I already knew…I am telling everyone that I regret purchasing a Dell…

  • Dell service in Spain is absolute shit, completely unhelpful, often rude, and their support centre staff have a problem speaking spanish and english. I’m appalled.

  • Ian Norris

    I have my own business in which I build laptops and desktops. I handle dell warranty also. If u want me to fix em I will. Let me know thks. Send a email.

  • Al Patzke

    I’m in the middle of Dell Hell myself. I order a laptop on 11/25/07 and the order was cancelled by Dell on 11/30/07. When I called I went through a series of questions and was told I had “failed validation.” DFS doesn’t think I am who I am. Frustrating at best. I may be a brand new HP customer. HP should send thank you letters to Michael Dell for all the business he’s sending their way!

  • Drew

    I had my new Dell Inspiron 1720 for 30 days and the hard drive went out. I hope the new one lasts more than 30 days! I’m a bit afraid I made a mistake buying this computer, but it is a nice machine.

    The support guy was friendly and helpful. Have they changed their tune? We’ll see.

  • Ryan

    Dell fucking sucks!!!!!! Returned my laptop last june and still have not been given an refund. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with dell FS in india but to no avail. Dont know what to do!!

    Fuck Dell 4 Life!!

  • Priscilla

    I’ve owned my Dell laptop for about a year and a half and tonight I got the blue screen of death saying my “hard drive experienced and error and has to close Windows.” It is the begining of the end.

    Also, in my previous job 4 of the 7 Dell computers had to have the hard drives replaced after only about 3 years because they also went bad and crashed.

    Dell is horrible and we really need to do something about this. Please post suggestions!!

    I hate Dell.

  • Vincent “Vinny” Setala

    I came upon this site after attempting to get someone at Dell to quit sending me these “updates,” which are nothing more than Microsoft “Service Packs” which actually do little more than track internet site usage so MS can sell demographically targeted contact lists to various retailers which leaves me in the position of setting my spam filters up so high I miss real emails, or wade through dozens of product spams.

    Other than the lack of Blue Screens of Death, I now see why people are so upset at Tech Support (or any other support at all for that matter) so I decided to post this. All warranties express or implied are actually contracts and CAN be considered contracts of adhesion (take it or leave it contracts) and as such can be litigated under Contractual Bad Faith. Since the ONLY thing corporate America responds to anymore IS litigation, you would probably get much further ahead in resolving your issues by filing a case in small claims court “pro se” (meaning without a lawyer) which carries the cheapest filing fee’s AND allows you to make mistakes where the court is supposed to outline the mistakes and give you the opportunity to fix any errors.

    If you can afford an attorney that is the way you should go, but with the wealth of legal self-help books and materials available, it is not all that difficult to successfully prosecute a small claims case without an attorney. As for myself, I am going to switch to Mac. I hope this helps.

  • Elly

    I bought a Dell laptop less than a year ago. The sound is completely gone I get nothing, the disc drive is bout to crap itself takes half an hour to rip a legit cd to my drive, one of the the earphone jacks has broken out of normal use (no rough stuff) and the bottom plastic cover is loose and cant be tightend as the screw is stripped. I rung Dell to get them to fix all my problems as a 10month old laptop should NOT have these problems and I get told that its not their problem, they are not obligated to fix it, the faults are not covered under my warrenty and because they are an international country they dont have to abide by NZ consumer laws!!!!
    Then I ask to talk to a supervisor or someone who can speak english properly and I am told they dont have supervisors. So I ask if there is a New Zealand Dell representative that I can discuss my matter with, he says there isnt.
    I finally find a Dell 0800 number for NZ and their voice recorder lady tells me they are closed for the day! I ring at 9.30am on a Tuesday!!
    Somethin is fishy bout all this shit who sells a product that becomes faulty in less than a year then refuses to fix it!!!
    This is not the last they will hear from me I cannot afford to chuck away an $1800 laptop and buy a new one or even pay for the repairs on mine and I shouldnt fucken have to!
    If anyone has any light they can shed on my situation it would be muchly appreciated.

  • Jeffrey E. Gusman


    Next time don’t be a cheap ass buy a Mac. Ha,ha,ha,ha.

  • Jeff E. Gusman

    Oops!! probably know me as Jeff from back in da day. Aloha my brother

  • Jamie

    i spent £2,000 ($3,000) on an xps 14 months ago. over xmas the graphics card failed, apparantly a common problem. it took them over 2 weeks to fix it. within 2 days the hd and disk drive failed. that lasted about 5 minutes after repair before crashing again. dell don’t make this type of xps anymore, presumably because its a pile of crap so they can’t offer me a replacement. they said i could have a similar spec alienware but i’d have to pay an extra £400 ($600). i told them to stick it up their arse and am now buying an hp. all this was done via a call centre in india where they honestly didn’t give a toss about the problem.

  • Dell may not have great customer service but they are pretty good value for money, specification wise. Although you can tell that the build quality isn’t that great. My laptop feels weak and creaky, but its works perfectly well and was alot cheaper than the other brands out there.

  • I bet that dell doesn’t provide good customer service to the people despite the fact that they have good products.