Aha. Somebody in Hollywood has discovered that the internet is a way to find talent and creativity, not just distribution and “interactivity.” NBC has signed a show whose pilot was rejected by Warner Brothers but is a hit on YouTube. This came from Hollywood pros, including people behind Scrubs. So they’re not exactly citizen programmers. But that cannot be far behind. First, the internet is a way to find your audience. Next, it will be the way to find talent. Here’s the show: click on the guy’s nose, below. The 600-calorie irony: This is how the show starts…

This is a message for all you TV networks. Lately, your sitcoms suck.
I mean, come on: According to Jim? Good Morning, Miami? . . .
What happened to all the good shows? Where’s the new Seinfeld? Cheers? Mary Tyler Moore? All in the Family? M*A*S*H? Frasier? Roseanne?. . . .

: LATER: The Times has much more on Hollywood discovering talent on YouTube.

  • ephraim

    they forgot to mention taxi, but what the hell. It’s seems like a standard buddy show – personally I dont get all the rage… But thats me. Entourage kicks ass when it comes to buddy shows, on the upside it’s better than bousom buddies.


  • I’ve been saying for a couple of years that in just a few short years, the most popular show on television won’t be on television. It will be delivered via IP to your media center or settop box.

    In my prediction, I’ve never thought that it would necessarily be a “citizen media” show. To really have broad appeal, it will need to be professionally produced. The producers may or may not have a reputation prior to that hit.

    I think in the long run, the networks are more screwed than any other traditional distribution channel. Well, second to record labels and record stores, maybe.

    At least NBC is trying to tap into the new reality before completely losing it.

  • More and more people are going off the TV and to their computers for entertainment. Shows will be available, and with the new setups, watching them won’t be a problem anymore.

  • I was afraid this would suck, but there are some really clever moments. Does anybody else feel like these guys would be funnier if the network stopped making them say the same corny jokes from the sit-coms they deride?

  • Since shows normally suck with ther pilots and become better and better later on while running, I’m wondering where this show could have gone to. This clip totally rocks!
    I don’t know what made thos Hollywood-guys to reject that show. But maybe the power of the internet will help this show to a second chance. This wouldn’t be the first time!

  • This is the first time I have seen this and I must say these guys make me want to watch them. I was a bit bummed when it was over. I wish sit comms were that way…oh how I miss the old days.

    I don’t believe the networks are in trouble but they have to make sure that they are staying on top of the advaces on the web. Much the way radio fears satellite radio TV should be fearing the internet.

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  • tim

    Ya ephraim, apparently some kids out east got suspended from school for wearing those t shirts.


  • Paul

    I was intrigued. In the beginning, I couldn’t tell if they were trying to be real or not. It reminded me of Spinal Tap. Great idea! I laughed out loud a couple of times, so they’re on the right track. I especially liked the audience factor, and yelling out a state. That was really creative and funny.

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