Blog power, exported

Bloggers have had their trophies in the U.S. Now they nearly have a head on the wall in the UK with the case of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and a tie to an American rich guy, not to mention a few alleged sexual escapades (damn, the Brits know how to do political scandal: naked). The Guardian has a look at the saga with pissy quotes from jealous big-media guys and a wonderful response from blogger “Guido Fawkes,” one of the attackers:

Go to the Oxford Union and ask our future political class who they read more often – the Times’ Peter Riddell or Guido Fawkes’ blog? Next ask them who they trust more? It is no contest. With 200,000 hits a month and rising, my politics blog is more trusted than the Times’ pompous political columnist.

See also Guardian Unlimited editor Emily Bell on the bloggers and scandal.