North by northwest

Matthew Hurst continues to do fascinating work analyzing and visualizing the blogosphere. That thing above shows links three degrees of separation from this blog. I disagree with Hurst’s conclusion about it; I simply write about blogs in the blogosphere and that garners navel-gazing links.

See his neat work on the World Cup here and here and here. This is a geographic view of world cup discussion.

See this on mainstream media.

And see this visualization. You can mouse over it and see which blogs are at the center of nodes. The mess in the middle is political. At north-northwest, see Engadget and the gadget blogs. At northwest, that big thing is Boing Boing. At due west, find some food blogs. It’s valuable that the relationships among blogs begin to surface topicality. Maybe Matthew should come up with a standard world map so we can stop talking about ourselves as left or right, red or blue; we can live on blog continents (and be bicoastal there).

And the great thing about this post is that, being about blogs, it will get blog posts. But that’s not why I posted it. Honest, it’s not.