Open-source open-source

Ad Age critic and On the Media cohost Bob Garfield is writing a book about how the open-source world changes marketing and, so, he’s writing it openly on a new blog.

The idea is to put it together, chapter by chapter, with ideas, criticism and corrections coming from all of you out in the Bobosphere. It’s no wiki; I’m the sole author. And it will be owned lock, stock and hypertext by my employer, Crain Communications. But who cares? It’s being produced in full public view for public view.

Go see his chapter outline and get to work.

  • Amazing ! Waiting for the book anxiously. Hope its out soon. Great Bob!

  • Hey it’s good to hear that the book is about to come. Bob you write really well and I basically read all your posts.

    Good work keep it up!

    Amazing that book is gonna be…..

  • Nice if the folks who helped him got access to a free searchable version online. I don’t mean a downloadable e-book, but something more like Google Books.

    In fact, that sort of medium for books could provide a new “two step” process for reading. Rent the paper book from Amazon (like their DVD rental service), read it at leisure, sent it back, then as part of the rental get a five-year “token” that gives access to an online “walled garden” e-copy that can be searched, annotated, and bookmarked. Most readers of non-fiction only read once, then keep the book around in case they need to access it. Books can go for years at a time, sitting on the shelves, without being accessed.