Fingerpointing while Rome burns

Incredible and downright disgusting story in this morning’s Times: The Department of Homeland Doltishness is blaming New York for getting less money for terrorism because the city didn’t fill out forms properly.

In a flurry of charges and countercharges, federal officials said yesterday that the city not only did a poor job of articulating its needs in its application, but it also mishandled the application itself, failing to file it electronically as required and instead faxing its request to Washington.

How about trying to do what’s right and necessary to protect citizens from terrorist murderers. I thought that’s what a Department of Homeland Security was supposed to do.

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  • Steve

    So if they had worked around this issue, and the money ended up being mis appropriated, would you then be writing the post about how inept Homeland Security is for not being able to follow its own rules?

    Just Askin’!

  • So they also now need to be the ‘Office of Handholding and Lollypops’ to make sure people fill out their paperwork properly? Come on it was a city agency applying for federal funds, they do it all the time, they don’t do it right and it’s the Feds fault?

    I have to agree with Steve, in addition.

  • Steve & Thomas,
    No, since I was damned near killed by these fascist murderers, I would like our government at all levels to keep their eye on the prize: the terrorists. I fear, though, that it will be the bureaucrats who’ll kill us.

  • Wise One

    New york could not follow simple directions. Shame on them.

  • EverKarl

    If NYC did a poor job of articulating its needs in its application, it probably didn’t matter how it got to DHS, though both may speak to the mentality of the city officials responsible. I’m willing to believe that DHS could have shortchanged NYC — the assertion that there aren’t major landmarks or icons there seems overly technical — but the entitlement mentality was on display from the local pols complaining on TV. The fact of the prior attack does not excuse them from the responsibility to explain what they want to do with the money. Moreover, while DHS may not be free from criticism here, hearings may well show that NYC (and DC) have spent the funds already received very well and are meeting the level of threat. If so, it’s probably more important that cities with critical infrastructure catch up to that level. And I say that as someone from a city already getting a lot of DHS funds that has been mentioned as a terror target any number of times.

  • mle

    Here’s what Homeland Security dollars are paying for in Detroit: beautification and protecting our sports fans —

    Make a kit
    National Threat System
    Main Sports Venues: Baseball, Football, Hockey
    Working Together: Trash Dumping, Abandoned Dwellings, Illegal Posted Signs, Abandoned Vehicles, Security Tips for Businesses
    Customs Regulations: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ, Before you leave the U.S., After you return to U.S.

  • BW

    People do a poor job of articulating their needs at my job all the time, and usually work it out with them so they’re happy. Oh yeah, I don’t deal in anything near as important as terrorism.

  • Jeff,

    It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it!. NY failed to make their case.

  • EPat49

    While Senator Schumer and the rest of the New York Washington politicians raced for the TV cameras to rant and rave against the Department of Homeland Security , Ed Morrissey set out to get the facts which are available at his website A very different story.

  • David Locke

    This is just red state-blue state paying off. Terrorist attack symbols. Terrorsts want to kill efficently. Putting the money in tiny places is not something you do because of terrrorist threats. The DHS wasn’t put together to protect anyone. It was put together to keep the parionia alive.

  • That’s odd, why do you suppose the DHS head of grants was so busy on C-Span making her points, that previous and present grants balanced out, giving a majority of funds to NY and DC over time? Schenke I believe is the name, and she seemed totally immersed in her case, never said it was the fault of the city. As to distributing the funds to me here in the sticks, I guess we might use it to help with housing the evacuees from the hurricanes this season.

  • Kat

    Paranoia. my butt!! I think it is a good idea to fund smaller centres also. NY and DC have gotten a big share in the past four years, now it’s time to move elsewhere–that’s what this slime does–finds a rock(mosque) o hide in elsewhere. It’s easier to buy fertilizer in a smaller centre than in NY. Watch the News this AM–17 pondscum arrested in Canada planning to blow up targets in southern Ontario and trained in a terror camp MADE IN CANADA. They won’t train in New York–they’ll find some small community where we believe islam is peace and build their bombs there.

  • RonP

    just another observation before we all run off with our hair on fire. not saying the feds are totally correct but how does a state & city with the largest per capita tax burden in the nation as well as the highest ratio of government workers to tax paying citizens, screw up the instructions on something so vital? law of diminishing returns? maybe. probably more like lazy arrogance.

  • RonP

    …or arrogant laziness.

  • People in NYC aren’t concerned about terrorism anyway. They’re more concerned about late-term abortions and female members at Augusta National.

    All the money in the world isn’t going to prevent terrorism when our policies are still governed by oily politics and political correctness.

    Less money for NYC? Looks like Hillary and Schumer are doing a fantastic job for their constituents.

  • Andy Freeman

    If terrorism was important, NY’s Dem congresscritters wouldn’t insist that the money pass through union hands.

    It’s pork, and NY is just feeling left out.

  • RonP

    to that point. where are all those jobs that madame promised to upstate? bueller, bueller? anyoone? anyone`?

  • EverKarl

    Incidentally, NYC doesn’t have the greatest track record with regards to various types of 9/11 funds in the first place, as documented by the NYDN here, here and here, among other places.

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