So much for the moderates

First, Howard Dean sucks up to Pat Robertson and now Rudy Guliani sucks up to Ralph Reed. What is this country coming to? [via Andrew Sullivan]

  • weboy

    Jesus? :)

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Next thing you know, Howard Dean will be sucking up to extremists like the ACLU and NARAL…oh wait…

  • Angelos

    Yeah, extremists, actually giving a shit about your civil rights.

    But hey, when you can have an adultering cousin-fucker represent right-wing values, you pretty much have it all.

    Trying to figure out who the bigger whore is, Giuliani or McCain. We need a Whore Off!

  • These are constituencies too, but sadly representative to political leaders of what Jeff for want of a better term calls ‘moderate’, and I would call extremes. There are many people with wonderful souls who are put off by, and not represented by, these television personalities who give lip service to religion while espousing bitterness.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Angelos…are the churl that Jeff was talking about a few days ago concerning peppering comment posts with juvenile obscenities?

    I’m glad you support the ACLU, I’m sure you give as much of your paper route money as you can spare.

  • Didn’t someone once say: “Politics makes strange bed fellows”?

    There is nothing new going on here…

  • Angelos

    Any organization that protects me from government is alright by me. Funny how wingers, who talk a good game about smaller government, could be against a group that protects us from people like BushCo. Maybe because wingers are actually about large-scale intrusion into our private lives, in support of faux morality? Hmmm, could be….

    Anyway, Giuliani was married to his second cousin, before he started cheating on her. That makes him an adultering cousin-fucker in my book.

    Yay morals! Wingers are so goofy.

  • W.J. Jones

    1. Howard Dean is a “moderate?”

    2. And I’ve never heard any “goofy” rightwingers insist that Giulianai is conservative….He’s a wolf, baby.

  • Clinton

    moderates are like bisexuals, sooner or later theyre gonna choose a side. Its a transitional state. Of course with moderates political expedience could fling them in another direction at any moment. I guess we see who they really are when the dust settles. does the dust ever settle?