Happy endings

Apple tales have happy endings.

  • John

    I love how some idiots turn on everyone when things aren’t going their way: “I hate Apple, bunch of snobs, lousy computers… blah blah..”

    Then when it’s fixed (for free): “Oh nevermind I’m happy again.”

  • I had this labtop which was an Apple product and complained for its overheating and vibration. But the customer support was not at all satisfactory. I was furious about the way Apple were treating me and thought to reconsider carefully whether or not to buy any apple product ever.
    But later i was told that i could return for a refund and i was a happy customer again.

  • They ve an art of customer satisfaction and this is why i feel Apple tales have happy endings.

  • Happy endings most of the time I agree, they are finally getting their fair share of respect. But I am wondering about co-founder Steve Wozniak and the release of his new book iwoz, is he doing it to tell the story, or is there a more pressing financial need that he needs to meet. He made a lot of money at the original IPO in 1980, but that was a long time ago. A genius to be sure, but he doesn’t come across as a guy with a very well developped business sense. then again i could be wrong, I’m only speculating.

  • I just got my MacBook Pro 13.3 inch from Amazon last week and it’s definitely the best laptop that I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of them). I went with the 2.53 GHz/4 GB memory model because I tend to run a lot of applications at once. I’m easily able to run all the apps I want along with Windows running in Parallels Desktop. This machine is fast and the battery life is awesome (5-6 hours for just web surfing). I do notice that if I run Parallels the battery life is significantly shorter (around 3 hours), but that appears to be the only app I use that is a battery drain. The major thing that surprised me about this model was that is QUIET. I can’t really hear the fan at all, which is great since I tend to be annoyed when a fan gets loud. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.