Dell heh

The New York Times chronicles Dell’s problems.

  • Bill

    At last, Dell is starting to get it.

    The only advantage they ever had over Gateway and HP was their excellent phone support. That disappeared about 2 years ago, when they decided to do it on the cheap, leaving most of their calls to foreign call centers, who are really NOT adept at handling various problems, either due to a language barrier or other issues.

    As the NY Times article states, they’re starting to finally spend more money on support. It is my belief this will start to turn things around for them.

  • I guess it’s only fair.

    There are untold hordes of people chronicling the NYT’s problems.

  • Alex Vargas

    Dell’s image will not recover, their support has been piss poor for so long, the people you speak with don’t have a clue as to what your taking about. They are not allowed or are unable to use creative thinking to help a person fix a problem. Dell has owed me money since I made my last payment to them (they billed me twice) and have refused to solve this problem for me. Since then I have spent all the time necessary to convince my customers (computer repair business) not to purchase a dell in the future.

  • Kenneth C. Wilson

    The following is a letter I e-mailed to Dell following my experience with their customer service. It really highlights the problem with Dell. The response I received back from their “Expert Resolution Center” fell short of my expectations It appeared like a canned response – really sad!

    This letter is to provide you with feedback on your performance in the servicing and repair of my one year old Dell 8400 desktop computer.

    On April 15, 2006, I was unable to initiate power to the computer. When I depressed the power on button, I encountered a flashing amber light within the power button. The flat panel display screen remained blank. I did a preliminary check to insure electricity from the wall plug to the tower was active. I contacted your service department in India. I went through a checklist with the Dell technician that included opening the tower unit and reseating different panel boards. It was determined that I may have a bad power supply unit.

    On Tuesday April 18, 2006, I was contacted by a local technical company who replaced the power supply unit and the computer did not respond. It was then determined that the problem could possibly be the power button assembly or mother board.

    On Wednesday April 19, 2006 the technician arrived at my home, opened the parts box and discovered one part was damaged and other parts were missing. It was then determined that the power button assembly was operating correctly. The technician then felt that we may have received a bad power supply unit. He contacted your technical department and ordered a new power supply unit.

    On Thursday, April 20, 2006, the technician arrived at my home, opened the parts box and discovered the wrong power supply box had been shipped.

    On Friday, April 21, 2006, the technician installed a new power supply box and the computer responded.

    During that week of April 18th, I was required to expend a great deal of my personal time to resolve this problem. The only positive was the fact that the computer was still under warranty and the local technician was professional and knowledgeable.

    Given the above scenario, would you want to do business with your company? I think not! I will definitely look at serviceability as key criteria for my next computer purchase. Rest assured, Dell will not be on my list.

    This is the response I received back from Dell:

    Thank you for contacting Dell Support. Your request has been forwarded to the Resolution Expert Center. Due to higher than expected volumes, our department has been behind in responding to email requests, we apologize for the delay. I have reviewed our logs on the current issue. We are truly sorry that your experience with Dell did not meet your expectations. We hold ourselves to a high standard and apologize for falling short in addressing your needs this time. We thank you for your comments and input and will strive to improve our service in the future. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Last year I wondered what impact all these problems would have on Dell’s bottom line. 06-05 stock price 41 – today 24.

    more here

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  • Rolfus Erhart

    Seven years ago I bought a Dell computer along with a 3-year next-business day repair policy. I had problems and Dell shipped me the part (4 days) and instructed me over the phone how to fix it. My computer was down for a week. When I asked why was I paying for next-day service, the guy on the phone says, “That’s how we do it.”

    When that computer died, I have never bought another product from Dell since and I will not until the day I die. They need to be honest w/ customers–but I am lost forever to them.

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  • Dell continues to struggle with customer service issues. I began keeping an online journal after my frustration level began to rocket past annoyance to down right angry. It is clear to me that significant problems exist, unless you are a number collector. If one is a number collector then Dell is pure heaven. I am beginning to think Dell is out of touch with the reality of how problematic there service is when someone is trying to resolve their poblems. Their new chat identified my notebook as a desktop using my service code number. I proposed a suggestion for Michael Dell: A website where folks can not only bring their problems to a higher level, but express their frustration on an anger level of one to ten that lights a DELL LOGO on fire. If the problem actually gets resolved the logo becomes gold and if it is not resolved the logo becomes charcoal.

    Please feel free to read through my journal which includes an email address I found that actully prompted someone from Dell’s corporate office to give me call. The information is found at

    To those lost in planet Dell problems, please do not give up. There are a couple ways to find someone home at Dell.


  • J. Michael Lenninger

    Yep, I have a one-year-old Dell 6000 INspiron (non-inspirational version) and have replaced the DVD drive one (myself) and hard drive once and the DVDs won’t play. Funky. See Consumer Reports that rates HP higher than Dell. I wonder why?

    Customer no-service means that they will send a technician out to my home only if I am unable to reinstall hardware. And I am not paid $125 a hour, either.

  • Maria Welsh

    I had my problems with Dell my repair took a whole week. I figured out from my experience that most of the people I talked to although nice and professional. Are following a script and trying to get to point g or point k something like that. They are not allowed just to say I think we need to go to point k and get you what you need. It is more a matter of patience then anything else. I escalated to a REC REP by the name of Jeffrey Scully who had me fixed up the next day. I call me every day afterwards for a week to follow-up with the repair and to make sure anything was as before. He called me so many times that he himself almost became a nuisance to me. But I forgive him because I knew that he genuinely cared about me and he wanted to make sure nothing was overlooked. I was frustrated and when I got the survey email did rate Dell tech support low but rated Jeffrey the highest plus. It is a shame that you have to escalate at Dell to get someone like Jeffrey. Someone you should get the first time you call. A Texan who was brought up to always do the right thing regardless.

  • Greg

    I had the flashing amber light and I found a really easy fix. no changing of hardware required!

    under your power cord…theres a switch like a fuse…its recessed. it should say like 130 or something on it.

    I unplugged the power cord…and slid it over and it moved to like 250…plugged it back in and tried to power up and I got nothing. not even a flashing light.
    I unplugged again and switched it BACK to 130 and made sure it went alllll the way over. plugged it back in.
    computer booted with no problem.
    Maybe the switch was loose? I don’t know! Try it and let me know.

  • Marius Sipa

    Does anyone know how to fix the problem in question, or did this forum go from a simple tech support question to one of bitching and moaning about Dell’s service? Flipping the voltage switch does absolutely nothing.

  • J. Michael Lenninger

    And two more updates. My non-inspiring Inspiron 6000 also had the LCD panel fail last year (they sent someone to my home to replace it) and just last week the laptop failed to recognize the power cord I was using so I couldn’t recharge the batteries. Customer service sent the part overnight. Luckily, I have a warranty until spring of 2009.

  • Alex Mitchell

    A flashing amber light means that you have a problem with your PSU. I have just recieved this problem, and have only recently changed my PSU. My other computer has had this problem several times, and changing the PSU has fixed it every time.

    The point being, don’t keep with dells PSU or buy a cheap one. It really does come down to quality. Spend a little money and you can’t go wrong.

  • Gary Simms

    Thank you Maria for that Jeffrey Scully name at Dell all you have to do is add to it to bypass the entire Dell support organization. He was great he said that he did not remember me and he was right. He had never helped me but that did not stop him. He would not call me back because he was not handling a escalation for me he said. But he answered every email I sent him. And got me a hard drive out of warranty and some cds to reload software. That was the best tip I ever saw on a blog!!!

  • Xevious

    Dell Flashing Amber light Fix / Dell yellow flashing power button fix
    Ok heres the lowdown. Ive had the problem with my dell dimesion E510
    Power may be ‘Part’ of the issue when using all your Usb ports as i do.
    1. You really should replace the computers power supply as i did. the computer comes with a 350watt and i Purchase a more powerfull ‘Antec TRUEPOWER TRIO 550 Watt’. (youl have to clip away a small part of the back mesh in order for the power port to fit. (Very ez) it will fit right just with the screws (no slot slide hitch on the power supply.
    It still happens once in a blue moon. The REAL issue IS the USB ports.

    simply Turnoff the computer (rear switch OFF((new power supply), Unplug the computer for at LEAST 30 minutes. Make sure all usb Front ports are not occupied. then after 30 minutes with power cord still unplugged. flip the rear switch on *if you have the new Pwr Sply* Hold down the computers power Button in the front , and Plug in the power cord still holding down the button. My computer boots up no problem.

    I think this action bypasses something that the computer does when the power is flowing, and the Power button has not been pressed. Hibernation mode??