Cut the wires

The AP says 300 communities in the U.S. now have large-scale wi-fi projects in the works. Oh, if only mine were among them.

  • So which car manufacturer will now come out with wi-fi car radios? I have heard of regular radios which require no PC to catch Internet stations but are there adapters for car reception?

  • Buck Armstrong

    Jeff, notice how the number of comments are dropping off with your posts?

    You need to make BM a group blog. It obvious that your posts are directed at the people you’re visiting at any particular time. You need some agitators to pick up the slack while you’re out scmoozing. That’s what huffie buns does.

    And, who cares about Wif-fi in rural jersey?

    You’re more like the Andy Rooney of the blogosphere these days.

    “You ever wonder what you’ll do with all those plastic bags they give you at the supermarket? Here’s my collection…”

    And how about some giveaways? A nice iPod for the first person who knows weltanschauung means? Germans are excluded of course.

    This blog is getting as gray as that picture up top.

    Hey, for a laugh google “Rick Santorum” and see what comes up second.

  • And McCaw’s wireless company Clearwire is really starting to take off.

    My sister-in-law lives on a farm in the Central Valley of CA without broadband access until Clearwire started up in her area this last month.

  • Buck; as a former DM of mine once told some fellow players, “If he wants to play a 2’8” dwarf, he can have a 2’8″ dwarf.”

    Jeff; as wifi becomes more readily available expect broadcast outlets to turn more and more to netcasting. In due time we’ll see local tv and radio stations closing their broadcast facilities, with no one taking their place. This will free up tons of bandwidth and make it possible to provide ultra-broadband wifi services and any number of other things. (Which I’m blanking on now, gol-dang-it.)