There is no mainstream media

A Telegraph blogger paraphrases this.

  • Just curious, Jeff — do you feel ripped off?

  • His paraphrase gets at how your logic can be twisted. The fact that a newspaper or TV station is an established entity with enormous financial backing, credibility built up by generations past working there and fairly stable readerships until recently – none of that means anything, because he can make a clever argument!

    Still, I’m not sold about the blogosphere being an “uncollection.” This place is a resounding echo chamber, someone could say. At the time the Lefty blogs were all over Stephen Colbert, I searched the Righty blogs, and found only mentions of hating illegal immigration. Perhaps you’re more right about us in the blogosphere being a group of individuals than you know: we act so much so as individuals we never realize when we’re parading around our knee-jerk tendencies and falling into line with every cliched, stereotyped and thoughtless position that could be had. Each of us might be creating an echo chamber for himself.

    When a conservative blog starts musing about how much damage the Right might have done to the institution of the Presidency by going after Clinton so ruthlessly, and when a Leftist blog starts considering that maybe the nuttiness they see in Evangelicals is maybe part and parcel of having a higher purpose – when I start seeing people put themselves in each other’s shoes and reasoning from there – then and only then will I be convinced that the Internet has done something revolutionary.

  • Glyn

    I like his comment “But the blogosphere keeps trying to lump us into a mass.” So ‘main stream media’ doesn’t exist but ‘the blogosphere’ does. How contradictory.

  • J

    In case somebody fails to follow the Telegraph link, here’s a quote from “Alfred Reading”, the third commenter on the Telegraph post:

    “Behave like an undifferentiated mass of political activitists and you’ll be referred to as such”