Can’t have enough sunlight

The Sunlight Foundation has launched with many efforts to use the power of the internet and us to bring more sunlight to government. Micah Sifry, who helped launch this with Andrew Rasiej, explains it better than I can. Sunlight already helped with the start of Congresspedia; it is making sunshine grants, and — my favorite — is assigning armies of citizens to report on Congressional earmarks and giving tutorials to citizen journalists on how to dig the dirt. Let the citizen watchdogging of government explode.

  • Thanks for telling us about the project.

    They should coordinate with others doing similar work, especially Josh Marshall’s TPMmuckraker effort.

  • Ofer Nave

    You linked Sunlight Foundation to .org, which is parked. I think you meant .com.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m suspicious of this organization. I’m watching them awhile before I sing their praises.