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Hyperlocal citizens’ media: Salt to taste

Douglas Fisher offers quite an impressive cookbook for building a hyperlocal citizens’ media service.

The tribes of citizens’ media

Chris Anderson, the Columbia grad student, gives us a topology for citizens media: Part I and Part II.

How about 1,000 words, too?

Bravo to Nokia and the Press Gazette for creating a prize to honor the best citizen journalism in the UK. Hiss for making it — self-servingly — only for photos and video (since that’s what phones capture). I fear that we are defining and limiting the definition of citizen journalism to snapping disaster photos with phones. It’s so much more than that, folks.

Oh, my

The Guardian reports that the International Herald Tribune will start running stories from Oh My News on its site.

Distributed citizen journalism

The British Home Office is going to lump release of all its big reports into one day each month and reporters are complaining that they can’t possibly go through it all at once. So Tim Worstall is trying to organize bands of citizens to do the sifting. [via Daniel Davies in CiF]