If George Clooney ran the world

The Times tries to explain — and distance itself from — gossip for its readers this morning, in the wake of the Jared Paul Soprano scandal. Except when you think about it, how much really separates celebrity gossip from Washington coverage? Rumors, blind items, schmoozing, tips, paybacks, grudges, parties, lunches, leaks, hidden agendas, corruption, sex. The only real difference is that politicians aren’t as well-dressed.

  • XWL

    The only real difference is that politicians aren’t as well-dressed

    I think politicians tend to be older and less attractive physically as well (though, generally speaking, better read, and better degreed)

    Otherwise, point taken

    (maybe that’s why noone else has commented, the obviousness of the truth you speak requires no elaboration)

  • darth

    “Politics is Hollywood for ugly people”
    -John Hickenlooper
    -Mayor, Denver, CO

  • Jeff, you forgot that politicians are not as good at faking sincerity.

  • Jeff, admit it: watching this play out is like a NY news junkie’s wet dream. The Daily News finally has a stick they can whack the Post over the head with, and the Times is standing on the sidelines going “tut, tut… look at the rabble….”

    It’s Comedy GOLD!

  • Pat Gray

    Just have to comment on George Clooney’s endorsement of Barak Obama.
    Yes George would better run the world than Barak Obama who George saysshould be the next President. Granted, it’s great that Obama is supporting George on Darfu, but George had better read the May 8, 2006 issue of The Nation and read just what Barak Obama is about. He is nothing more than a “suit” looking out for himself and his own promotion and George had better distance himself from him

  • I am about a 16th generation American, raised in the film industry myself. My family has fought and died for this country. I have watched as individuals with celebrity status turn their backs on the country that sustained them and gave them the freedom to travel the road to success and prosperity. How many are reaching out to or back to their roots helping our fellow Americans? Veterans sleeping on streets. Child abuse. Killings. Lack of education and food. Schools and education on the decline. Natural catastophes. Pollution and the list goes on. Abraham Lincoln said something like, “We will be destroyed from within and not from an outside source”. I live a global life and we Americans should get busy and do something about our own lack of standards; moral, literacy, nuclear families, etc. We should tend to our own first and then maybe, maybe we reach outside of our borders. Celebrities are trying to sensationalize their cause for personal gain. Can you imagine how strong and morally fit our country would be if everyone redirected their focus and took care of family first. All they need to do is walk down one of their own streets, look around and absorb the shock of what they see and get busy! The true philanthropy on which our ancestors built this country, was without fanfare or self serving.