Zeyad writes about coming to New York and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

I have been reluctant to change careers, but quite frankly there is nothing that I can add to dentistry in Iraq, whereas the field of Iraqi online and print journalism is lacking in many aspects, and I hope to contribute to filling that gap. Also, living and studying in New York city is a more like a dream to me that is closer to coming true.

Of course this is not final yet. I need to provide evidence that I have the required funds to pay for tuition and living expenses in order to be granted F-1 immigration status to enter the US. And I am not a wealthy man, as many of you know.

Unfortunately, I have no means yet to solicit donations, so I would appreciate connections to possible foundations or organisations willing to fund this endeavor.

We are trying to figure out a way to accept donations that some of you have already offered. Please hold that thought!

  • Andy Freeman

    What does Zeyad need to learn about journalism that he’s likely to learn at CUNY?

  • Patricia


    Get the CUNY financial aid office advising him on this. Enrolling Zeyad is exactly what US universities should be doing and stands in stark contrast to the Yale Taliban fiasco.

  • dp

    Zeyad is a great writer. Hope he doesn’t just hang out in NYC and ventures out to the rest of the country, so he can see what the bulk of the USA really is like.

  • I. F. Stoner

    1) Set up a simple escrow account at a local bank;

    2) Put up a PayPal link to take donations;

    3) Tell posters who don’t know jack-doodley about CUNY’s excellent school in the making to do their research or STFU. A journalism school based on skills not spin is waaay overdue and mad phat props are due to CUNY.