Smoking guns?

The front of the Washington Post reports that Scooter Libby says Bush, who supposedly despised leaks, told him to leak Valerie Plame’s identity authorized him via Cheney to leak previously classified information to a single reporter and and on the same page it reports that a new translation of ancient text says that Jesus told Judas to betray him.

Life is spin.

: UPDATE: I’ve corrected and clarified this — belatedly and for that I apologize and offer the excuse of being on buses with 400 8th graders for the last two days — but the punchline remains the same.

  • I worry for your future CUNY students, Jeff, because nowhere in that WaPo article does it state that Libby claimed Pres. Bush gave him permission to “out” Valerie Plame. Over at FARK you’d be getting a lot of “RTFA!” for transposing your interpretation (wishful thinking?) onto the actual text of the article in question.

    The whole of Libby’s testimony Fitzie released had nothing to do with Valerie Plame. It recounted grand jury testimony where Libby claimed he was told by Cheney that previously classified materials in the NIE had been declassified and could be made public, in order to rebut the accusations her husband was hurling at the White House, first through the NY Times’s Nick Kristof, and then his own Op-Ed piece on the Old Grey Lady’s pages. Libby fed the info to Miller…that ain’t “leaking,” it’s spinning your side of the story in an info war; and Valerie Plame had nothing to do with it.

  • Kat

    And meanwhile NBC is spinning some story about the bigotry of NASCAR fans as they plant muslims in the stands and Cynthia Mckinney–well, she just keeps on a spinning and the muddy slope isn’t giving her any traction, but if there is no story, you just fabricate one.

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  • If this were the Cold War, someone would already be in jail… or worse.

    I linked my blog to your post.

    Keep up the good work.

  • The word for this year should be “truthiness” as coined by Stephen Colbert. And unlike BS you don’t run into FCC problems when you use it…

  • ronbo

    Very disappointing, Jeff. The article simply doesn’t say that. What’s up?

  • Duneview

    C’mon Jeff.
    Life may be, as you say, spin. But spin is at least an interpretation of facts and factually, the article never said that Scooter Libby was told by Bush to leak Valerie Plame’s identity. In fact, here’s paragraph 7:

    Fitzgerald has not charged anyone with wrongdoing in the initial leak of Plame’s name. In the new filing, he did not allege that Bush authorized that disclosure, and he said Bush was “unaware of the role” that Libby, then Cheney’s chief of staff, played in discussing her name with a number of reporters.

    It’s puzzling how you could interpret that as something 180 degrees opposite.

  • …and the Jesus/Judas thing? If Jesus’s gameplan was pre-ordained (like the Bible tells me so…), it actually makes perfectly fine sense that he gave Judas a heads-up about what the Keys to the Kingdom was gonna cost him.

  • Michael

    Yes, Jeff, it most certainly is.


  • Nobody cares.

  • Capt. Nut: Jeff cared enough to post it, and you cared enough to hit your keyboard over a dozen times in reply.

  • Nobody cares because Bush’s ratings are already so far down the toilet, what’s another shitstorm at this point?

  • TC, I think he was trying to point out that we’ve all become desensitized to corruption.

    The rest of my comment was flagged as spam for some reason, weird.

  • This whole thing just reinforces my understanding of the office of the Presidency. Bush DOES “know” about what is happening, that things are being said and that people are doing things for him / on his say so, BUT he doesnt “understand” what it is they are doing enough so that later he can say he was “unaware of the role” that subordinates were playing. Just enough wiggle room to avoid blame.

    This is nothing new – Reagan used it in Iran / Contra, Bush senior used it with taxes, Dick Cheney has used it, Ken Lay has tried to use it to avoid prosecution. The suboordinate as scapegoat is a time honored “personal shield” for any leader. Not since Nixon has any president had the stupidity to even appear to acknowledge that the wrongdoings of their administration should in any away reflect on their own person or their position as wrong-doer in chief. Any such acknowledgement gives their enemies an open door through which lies impeachment.

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  • I don’t like the Bush/Republican agenda, nor do I like their unethical tactics. But if you take a step back, I always say that one must (unfortunately) assume that all politicians are going to be corrupt to some degree so we must vote for the candidate or the party that better matches our own philosophies. I get upset when people are apathetic when they say things like “they’re all crooks so why vote?”. To that I say, would you rather have somebody who will institue policies that you don’t agree with? If you don’t vote for that person’s opponent, then you voted against yourself in a sense.

  • John

    God bless George Bush, he keeps us safe from terrorists. The Iraq War has cost the average American household $19,000, mony well-spent IMHO. Let’s all raise our glasses to a liberated nation of Iraq !

  • It’s always the jackholes without a website or an email address who are the most full of crap.

    If you want to have God bless anyone, John, you should have God bless Harry Taylor who stood up to Bushie and called bullshit on him,

    which, Atul, you should be doing. yes, many public officials are crooks or liars, but only because people like you throw their hands up at the problem. and it is a problem. its such a problem that the vice president can get drunk and shoot a senior citizen in the face and it stays in the news for three days tops.

    that is a corruption that this country has never seen before and your apathy is part of the problem.

  • RonP


  • Tony,

    I think you totally misinterpreted my comment! I stand up against Bush all the time. My motto is… “W – still wrong, still an idiot.” If I could talk to Bush and Cheney, I would give them an earful. My point is not to throw up your hands, but to speak with your vote. I am totally against apathy. And being realistic about your vote is important. Lost votes to 3rd party candidates get people like Bush into office. We have to prevent this from happening. That being said, if your beliefs are more conservative-leaning, I can understand why you might vote Republican. I don’t think the ones who voted for him knew the administration would have such ethical and policy problems. Many regret their votes.

    God Bless the World, not just America.

  • Kat

    God Bless America and Atul can screw himself.

  • I hereby bestow upon Kat the highest compliment: You, (sir/madam), are a RAMONE!

  • John

    I don’t visit Buzzmachine for several months, come back and sure as death and taxes there’s Kat, offering her wisdom and standing by her Dubya…. gosh I’ve missed this blog…

    That’s a cheap way out, JJ.

  • RonP

    hey atul

    as stern sideman, artie lange would say, wahhhh wahhhh, i didn’t get anything for fitzmas, wahhhh.

    and by the way when you call GW stupid why don’t you lay out your intellectual bona fides, enquiring minds want to know!

  • Jeff!

    As penance for your sins you must post a link to this great new song.

    I love the video version:

  • It’s funny how the ones who just sling insults go anonymous, don’t have their own sites.

    People who aren’t intelligent can’t see through the lack of substance in W’s statements and fall for the rhetoric. I know Bush isn’t smart because he can’t even put a sentence together that makes sense half the time, (and that’s with speech writers). I would take him on in any intelligence test. Not that they matter in this debate, but since you asked, my credentials are as follows…

    Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, made Dean’s List every quarter
    MBA at a top 10 B-school
    Near-genius level IQ
    710 on the GMATs
    1330 on the SAT’s
    31 on the ACT’s
    Was one word away from going to the National Spelling Bee in 8th grade
    I can draw, take great photography, write serious essays and comedy, (and capitalize properly), drive a manual transmission :-).

    Go ahead and tell me your credentials too, (unless you’re not proud of them).

    Since when is God American? In any religion, God doesn’t favor one country over another, but treats us as individuals. And God existed long before the USA did anyway. Don’t get me wrong; I love my country, but arrogance doesn’t help international matters.

  • RonP


    High School Graduate – b- student
    College drop-out – and not a very good college at that
    started and sold 3 companies (one public)
    House in London, Cote d’Azur & Florida
    did i mention i’m a bad speler?

    how’s that B school degree workin for ya?

  • Ben Sparks

    Atul = Owned

  • I have been reading my share of blogs for a while now and I can’t say I have ever seen someone post their SAT scores and IQ as the basis for an argument.

    Atul couldn’t be more aptly named.

  • J

    ” I would take him on in any intelligence test”

    I’m not saying you personally made this charge atul, but I’ve noticed that the vast majority of people who tell me that the president is a stupid man are members or supporters of organizations he has repeatedly outsmarted and outmaneuvered.

    As to the issue of the post, does anyone here (including you, Jeff) think Hussein wasn’t interested in acquiring nuclear weapons, even if it meant manufacturing them in Iraq?

  • RonP

    ….and don’t forget he almost – ALMOST went to the national spelling bee. Currently he is in the second term as the chairman of the condo association. Atul understands both the use and the abuse of executive power. i am sorry i ever doubted.

  • RonP

    btw atul:

    on those bona fides:
    “I know Bush isn’t smart because he can’t even put a sentence together that makes sense half the time, (and that’s with speech writers).”

    can I get a ruling on this? I think we have use of a double negative in this sentence. i’m trying but i cannont remember GW ever using a double negative in a sentence. Atul, we need an explanation.

    Atul? Atul? Bueller? Bueller?, anyone?

  • John

    I submit that Dubya is dumb in a Jessica Simpson sort of way… dumb all the way to the bank.

    Look how much money he’s making off a fabricated war.

  • RonP

    john you are so correct. we all know that the Chimpy Bushitlerburton is making billions (i know because kofi puts his money in the same bank) off of the war. hell he’s still collecting on contracts that Prescott set up with the Nazis. you knew about that, right? it’s the reason that kennedy was assasinated – hell, GW did it – we all saw him in the zapruder film didn’t we? moonbats of the world unite!

  • Well, the only reason I posted about my “credentials” was because somebody asked. I don’t think it’s relevant, and I stated as much but it does show that I can think critically. Having lots of money doesn’t prove intelligence; (look at W). As for how my MBA is working out for me, I have learned a great deal and I am a better person for it. I hope to put it to good use in a professional setting sometime soon. Thanks for asking.

    For somebody to turn my non-English name into a joke shows immaturity. It’s not as if I haven’t heard that one by the way. :-) You’re pronouncing it incorrectly anyway.

    I may have used a double negative, but at least my sentences have coherent thoughts behind them. Do you ever notice how when W doesn’t know how to answer a question, he brings up a case in which he talked to somebody about something just remotely related? I would say that the people behind Bush are the smart ones and they use his dumbness to appeal to Americans as a normal guy.

  • RonP

    your rationalization(s) says it all.

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