Who needs media?

This is an advertiser’s wet dream: to create media so you don’t have to buy time or space on it. Bacardi is launching a 24-hour music channel.

B-Live – a 24-hour, online music station – is planned as a long-term project that will eventually enable listeners to supply content.

The service is the latest example of a brand attempting to bypass more traditional forms of advertising and appeal to consumers directly….

  • This is likely one of the many small waves of the future.

    Have you looked at the Pearson site for educators to help them create their own textbooks? Also impressive.

  • Where is the quote from?

  • Audi, the German car manufacturer, launched his own TV channel in the UK last fall.

    And Bayer Health Care has invented a so-called “online-novela” to promote its version of Viagra. It’s in German, so anyone who knows Deutsch may want to check it out: Here you go

  • I think Bacardi and other advertisers attempting to invent they’re own media distribution channels are mainly driven by ego. They’re dabbling outside their core business, and their solution does not address the fragmentation of the media or their audience. Bacardi should look harder at micro media, and ways to become a content supplier.

    But that’s just me!

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