The unconference on the unpaper

I’m off in the morning to Philadelphia for the unconference on what to do about the newspapers or their media successors there. What’s remarkable about this event is that bloggers and journalists are banding together to try to figure out something: not a snarkfest, not another effort to compare and contrast, but an effort to come together. Reports to follow.

: LATER: On thing I want to say there is that finding a buyer for a paper is no solution to its problems. It only delays the inevitable and prolongs the pain. Brave strategic management with a new vision is what is needed. And, no, I have no idea who is capable of that in this industry.

  • If you can get over to Jersey, in Cherry Hill on Route 70, there’s a small Lebanese restaurant called Norma’s that has great kebabs, lamb, wraps, hummus, you name it. It’s a favorite of mine, and I actually can’t wait to get back there.

    I like walking around Philly, but buying stuff there is a whole other deal.

  • Menlo Bob

    Maybe the discussion should involve an exit strategy.

  • Jim Dermitt

    Maybe you guys can have a paper airplane building contest.
    If you get bored that is!

  • ding dong

    You could make newspaper kites. Be like Ben.
    How To:
    Got tape? Don’ fly near wires!

  • Go all the way to Philly and get kabobs?

    That might be the dumbest comment in the history of BuzzMachine.

    What’s next? Recommending sushi in Mexico?

  • ding dong

    The kabobs are in Jersey dingaling.
    “If you can get over to Jersey, in Cherry Hill on Route 70.”

  • Jim Dermitt

    They have steak in Philly. Avoid the cat on a stick if you can help it.

  • Captious Nut – my apologies for giving a restaurant recommendation that was not pertinent to the place at hand, or the topic at hand.

    I will try to be more silent from now on. Clearly the only place to get Lebanese food is Lebanon, the only place to get sushi is Japan, and the only place to get cheesesteak is Philly.

    I thank you for your assessment of my intelligence, and your sensitivity to what is appropriate in discourse.

  • Sorry ashok,

    I am very sensitive about the great food in philly which encompasses much more than cheesesteaks and soft pretzels.

  • Not a problem. Philly does have great food, and when I’m rich, I want those crab cakes I’ve heard so much about at Le Bec Fin. I can understand why one would get defensive.

  • I am going to philly on a food eating vacation Easter weekend. Going to hit all the best places and will catalog on my blog next month.

    Only had a drink a Le Bec Fin, but did see Monica Lewinsky there at the time. Was right in the middle of the scandal too.

    The high end restaurants are not what’s good about philly either.