Spam slime

Well, they have balls: I see on a spam blog an advertisement for software to create spam blogs. If you link to it, please link under the word slime.

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  • Jim Dermitt

    Ads to spawn more ads that spawn even more ads.
    Google is putting ads all over the place and creating incentives
    for everybody else to put ads all over the place. The result is
    more ads all over the place. It seems like a slippery slope.
    If you can’t stop them, might as well join them.
    You could do BuzzAds and get everybody paying you to
    syndicate more ads to get more traffic and sell more ads.
    You could be bigger than U.S. Steel Jeff! Not Google though.

  • Jim Dermitt

    You have a Yahoo ad here offering security software at
    I recall you writing about Dell in the past and it wasn’t flattery if I recall, so this seems sort of strange. I guess ads don’t always add up. Maybe if you run a Google story, the Yahoo ads will start posting Google ads or something.

  • Jim Dermitt

    Gee, now there is a Google ad here to help hurricane vics.
    Keep writing more postings about hurricanes.
    Keyword: KATRINA. Maybe the cash will start flooding into
    New Orleans. They need all the help they can get.
    With FEMA we are all vic or potential vics.

  • John Holmes

    You do realize that linking to them with the word SLIME is prefectly fine by them. when you bottom feed, all you care about are links.

    and for the dingdong above. you do realize that the ads are fed automatically, and the site owner has no control really.

  • afsvfan

    you should report them to the blog police. you and a bunch of other
    bloggers should become the blog cops and take down bad bad sites.

  • TLB

    JJ gives a perfectly good link to a splog generator company.
    Meanwhile, us poor commentators are stuck with nofollow’ed links on our names.

    Shouldn’t it be the exact opposite?

  • ding dong

    Keeping full control of your site seems like a good strategy.
    Automation leads to spam and more spam. Ding dong out.

  • ding dong

    The ads on the right are now running ads for ads.
    I know nobody controls that, but it seems kind of funny.
    I guess if you click on an ad, it will take you to even more ads.
    This doesn’t seem much different than spam. I guess it’s not hurting anything.

  • John Holmes

    well if you type Ad enough times and we talk about advertisement lots. like how to buy advertisement and google adsense ads. you can change the ads on the right. adsense is contextual so adsense will change based on the weight of words on the page to figure out what advertisements to show.