The means of marketing

Here’s the pinko commie marketing manifesto:

* Commie Marketing is about the end of the Marketing Manager, Director and anyone else who thinks they have control over the message, market or ‘brand’

* The commons…the producers…will decide what makes it ‘to market’, what flourishes, what dies, what is ignored, what is celebrated…whatever.

* No marketing budget, big or small, will change your advantage in this new world.

* Amateurism means passion, curiosity, intrigue and growth. What the hell is a professional? You get paid for doing what I’m doing right now? Cool. How do I get that gig? …

* Having a corporate blog does NOT mean that you get it. In fact, it mostly means that you don’t.

* The voices of the community, your employees and your competitors are more valuable than anything you could ever say. Listen. No…really…listen.

* Small is the new big. I know it sounds cliche, but beyond lipservice, let’s embrace it. …

OK, except for that line about marketing budgets. I want my piece first.

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  • Of course, an awful lot of that stuff has always been true . . .

  • First, you should really define marketing, before you go and re-define it.

    Marketing is the construction of demand.

    Good marketing creates demand for products — it’s easiest when the products are good, and harder when they aren’t. it’s not like anything this guy is saying is wrong — there’s some insight here especially around the idea that the “insiders” are lagging the masses on some things.

    In particular his point about marketing budget not changing your advantage is very interesting — however, if you went back and read Al Reis, you’d see little has changed in 30 years (really). First success has to be PR driven (and achieve actual takeoff from usage). After that, advertising, in fact does matter. Sure — great products can take off with little marketing spend – but keeping things going after a certain point takes money and scale.

    Also, this idea that we’re all sick of being marketed to is just BS. The iPod’s marketing is slicker than slick. Classic big spend product marketing. And it works. And, it was led by urban “elites” and thought leaders, and has pushed into the mass market.

    Friendster took off on the coasts, and bounced around the middle before being one-upped by mySpace and thefacebook (launched at harvard)….again, early adopter moving to mass market.

  • Cute, but it’s not Communism. It’s free market capitalism at its strongest.

    The internet is a means by which the “proletariat” can quickly become the bourgeoisie instead of overthrowing it. Instead of the zero-sum world that Marx imagined, everyone rises. Every efficiency the web creates means a better marketplace as a whole.

    Marx wanted to convert capital into common property. If anyone here wants to give their money to me, I’m open to it. But I don’t see it happening.

    This manifesto is really a tip of the cap to Ayn Rand, not Karl Marx. He’d be appalled by all the proletariat jobs its has killed.

  • “The commons…the producers…will decide what makes it ‘to market’, what flourishes, what dies, what is ignored, what is celebrated…whatever”

    What does that actually mean, if anything? Are the management not ‘producers’? or are is the code monkey the only ‘common’ here in our digital age? Some of these points make sence (I think) but the only think ‘commie’ about this is the way it murders language and meaning. The guy who wrote this should live in North Korea for a few years before using the word ‘commie’ ever again.

  • @ Perry – Well, being the ‘guy’ who wrote this…I’m not sure that there is a connection between what is happening right now with the rise of the ‘consumer’ voice and North Korea. You and I have a voice in the marketplace that is louder than ever. As a marketing professional, I am saying to recognize that and get out of the way, allowing that voice to lead the future of business. I don’t think you should get hung up on political history. ;)

    @ Jeff…thanks for the hat tip. The link is a little wonky, though. ;)

  • The link is:

    or you could go to the wiki and add your own!

    (please do…like pinko, it’s a collaborative, community effort)