The means of marketing

Here’s the pinko commie marketing manifesto:

* Commie Marketing is about the end of the Marketing Manager, Director and anyone else who thinks they have control over the message, market or ‘brand’

* The commons…the producers…will decide what makes it ‘to market’, what flourishes, what dies, what is ignored, what is celebrated…whatever.

* No marketing budget, big or small, will change your advantage in this new world.

* Amateurism means passion, curiosity, intrigue and growth. What the hell is a professional? You get paid for doing what I’m doing right now? Cool. How do I get that gig? …

* Having a corporate blog does NOT mean that you get it. In fact, it mostly means that you don’t.

* The voices of the community, your employees and your competitors are more valuable than anything you could ever say. Listen. No…really…listen.

* Small is the new big. I know it sounds cliche, but beyond lipservice, let’s embrace it. …

OK, except for that line about marketing budgets. I want my piece first.