Al Gore won’t run for President again. I’m rooting for Hillary; not sure about the guy with the teeth.

  • Gray

    Hmm, let’s wait and see who’ll throw his hat into the ring. It’s much to early now for endorsements. Did anybody have Kerry on the radar in 2002? Can’t remember…

  • RonP

    i for one am disappointed. i was thinking about starting the “clowns in a volkswagen” channel. would have been plenty of buffoons that would enter the ring – feingold, kerry, clinton (rodham?), kucinich, sharpton, dean, ta-ta toofey (warner), and the grand daddy of them all, the Emmet Kelly of political clowndom – Algore. it saddens me. i guess i will have to be satisfied with watching 20 somethings blog about nothing on current tv. oh the ennui.

  • Gray

    “clowns in a volkswagen”???
    Wtf? This intended to be some german car bashing? :D
    Besides, what happened to the clowns in an AMC Pacer?

  • RonP

    Pacer works as well. i just remember being frightened ( and aren’t we all?) by watching what appeared to be over 20 clowns emerge from a volkswagen. but i respect your desire to support (dead) american companies!

  • hey plz explain! what are all of you talking about? i m not getting anyone?

  • RonP

    i think its a running commentary on our host’s tongue in cheek comment regarding the “big” news about algore not running for president. hopfully we will only lose sleep tonight. i am sure if we beg, algore might be convinced to run for maximum leader. he’s our only hope if we are to survive catastophic climate change. you know. i know it.

  • im upset…algore…let’s just wait and see the outcome….we need change…. plzz ppl. come on!

  • Yeah, those teeth sure seemed to be the gateway to a rather wishy-washy moderate, at least that’s what I took away after reading the “Toothy” cover story I assume you’re refering to.

    Let’s not overlook our good ‘ole boy down South here, Mr. Edwards. He’s laying low and building an an enviable e-frastructure, if we’re to believe that same NYT Mag cover story. Given all the bizarre touching-up on the cover shot though, I’m not sure what to believe right now.

  • Clinton

    Limbaugh reported a poll saying Hillary isnt so popular in the garden state of all places. Ive yet to see a worthy democrat candidate announce his/her candidacy.

  • Jimmy

    I know Gore wasn’t such a great candidate in 2000 and he ended being rather pathetic with the whole voting brouhaha, but I think the man deserves a little credit for carving a post-2000 life that includes embracing new technology (although Current TV is kind of boring), for finally taking a stand on the issues (global warming especially), and for graciously accepting that he may not be the right choice for the party. Cut the man a break. He certainly couldn’t do any worse than the guy we got.

  • Thomas Friedman

    >Cut the man a break.

    That’s not possible for Jeff to do since Gore is a progressive Democrat something that Fox Democrats like Jeffrey have to criticize no matter what they say or do.

  • Mr. Jarvis-

    Why are you “rooting for Hillary”?

  • Thomas Friedman

    >Why are you “rooting for Hillary”?

    He isn’t rooting for Hillary it’s just a smokescreen to shore up his “democrat” credentials. If Clinton ever does run in 2008 Jarvis will savage her as he did to Kerry and Gore. By saying he’s rooting for Hillary he can go on CNN and MSNBC as a Democrat in order to attack another Democrat.

  • Well, gutless person who calls yourself Tom Friedman, we are entering what’s called the primary season, when we pick the best candidate we can get and not the losers we have had.

  • RonP


    since hillary is your man, err, i mean person, does it bother you that she was quoted as saying that the Internet needed “looking” at? it seems she would be right there with that twit Biondi over internet forum postings or heavens forbid Buzz machine postings.

    Even though i would never vote for her, i have to give her due in that she can string a sentence together and doesn’t do that wierd multiple personality “sybil” voice like algore. although i did enjoy the her Florida from “Good Times” accent when she was speaking to a African-American group in NYC a few months ago. you know what i’m talkin bout, willis.

  • clinton

    why the obsession with censoring amongst democrats? it sure feels big brother-ish. its a loosing issue for democrats in my opinion especially amongs the young (to whom they seem to be costantly apealing). come on you post hippie democrats do you want them telling you what you can and cant say?

  • qcontent

    Third party anyone?

    The Republican’ts are proven scum and lies and ruthless criminals who have done 12 years of damage in six, and cannot be trusted. The Democrats are spinless wonders who lack vision and courage and answers and a candidate and unfortunately admire many of the ‘command and control’ devices the Republican’ts have created to keep the sheep in line.

    Hmmmmmmm, what does that say to the practical minset?

  • Yes, Al Gore, that loser who got the most votes the last time he ran for president. Is it the neat parties the cons throw that get you to take these positions, Jeff?

  • RonP

    qcontent – if so much damage have been done then why didn’t Senator Kerry win the last election? why do republicans control both houses of congress and a majority of statehouses? does our form of government just get in the way or your superior plans? help me with this. or am i being mind controlled by dick cheney’s army of area 51 aliens?

  • qcontent

    RonP–let me try to explain, by first, expanding on my last comment. . .

    Republican’ts are proven scum and liars and cheaters and ruthless criminals and false conservatives and greedy and self-centered and narrow minded and tradition bound; who are bought, paid for, and owned by any special interest groups and overly influenced by extreme right wing religious zealots. They have sold out and bankrupted our country, and permanently ruined our image. They have done 12 years of damage in six, and clearly cannot be trusted, and must not be allowed to govern our country again.

    Democrats are spineless lackluster me toos, who LACK: vision and courage and answers and unity and the correct platform and insight into the public pulse and a viable candidate. They unfortunately admire many of the `command and control devices’ the Republican’ts have created to keep the sheep in line, and unfortunately appear like they wish to retain some of these ploys and ruses for their personal use when they return to office.

    Hmmmmmmm, RonP what does that say to the practical mindset? Third party anyone. . . ? Let’s continue–

    Furthermore, you ask, “if so much damage have been done then why didn’t Senator Kerry win the last election?”. . . Kerry, would have won if he was the same person he was when he returned from Vietnam. He isn’t that person any longer. He has been a gigolo for too long. Kerry did not have an antidote to Karl Rove’s false propaganda and lies. Kerry was a victim of selected computerized vote manipulation by the Republican’ts. Republican’ts also conned the religious zealot ministers around the country into violating their non-profit charter law and preach politics in their churches to the sheep and get them to follow their shepherd to the Republican’t lies, again and again.

    “why do republicans control both houses of congress and a majority of statehouses?”. . . 25 years of coordinated planning, combined with Karl Rove’s lies and the careful cultivating the right wing religious zealots who make up 30 to 35% of the Republican’t power base. Rove realized, these religious sheep have already bought into the greatest, oldest, best, and most wide spread lie in the history of mankind–religion; so the sheep will follow any other lies the shepherd tells them to follow. Let’s see who controls things after the elections this fall. My guess is your control will be lost, and impeachment proceedings will be started against Bushit the very next day. Bushit will then be back on the coke and booze, spiraling downward out of control to total obliteration with no place to go; because a complete life long loser can only be “born again” once.

    “does our form of government just get in the way or your superior plans?’. . . No, it does not have to, unless there is no other sane way to make things work, the way they should and could work. If it’s broke, fit it.

    “help me with this. or am i being mind controlled by dick cheney’s army of area 51 aliens?”. . .I would like to help you, but it appears as though you might be past the point of no return. But that works too, the shearer needs sheep. Step up son, you’re next in line. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing, as RonP looks for that third option, after it’s too late.

  • RonP

    John Kerry was a victim of John Kerry. No plan. No response, Nothing. A buffoon and not even a very entertaining one. A puppet of big Ketchup.

    On the vote fraud. I would be interested if you could actually show me proof. so many of these claims are of the “grassy knoll” variety.

    Karl Rove – i think you and your kind give this guy way too much credit. If i was him I would be extremely flattered.

  • qcontent

    Whatever you say RonP, you seem to know what you are talking about. . . NOT.

    (Now, let’s see if this watered down, politically correct response will be deleted or not; like my last one was?????)