The real me

I’m saddened to hear that the fun Jeff Jarvis just sold his Thai Segway tours business. The talented Jeff Jarvis is, however, not putting down his trumpet. The better-educated Jeff Jarvis still teaching. Which Jeff Jarvis am I? Well, the Jeff Jarvis, of course.

  • Gray

    Much ego, today, Jeff! :P
    “The Jeff Jarvis” – this reminds me of an old A.E. van Vogt science fiction novel. He described the “world of Null-A”, where a small elite is awarded with immortality and carries the title “The” (for example, ‘The Hyacinth Jasmin’). While their status was once based on accomplishments, they finally decend into decadence and cronyism. Needless to say, their society is doomed (at least in that novel).

    So, even if you’re #1 at google, isn’t it better to stay Jeff Jarvis, “Veteran magazine editor” (Kurtz @ WaPo today), instead of claiming to be “The Jeff Jarvis”? After all, maybe the trumpeter will land a big hit tomorrow and sqeeze you out of the upper google echelons. Stay cool! :)

  • Jeff Jarvis, King of All Bloggers!

  • Gray

    “Jeff Jarvis, King of All Bloggers!”
    Wtf? Did Buzzmachine have a sudden surge of page hits? I thought Kos is KoaB? :P

  • Lucky you, none of your personae are vicious murderers. My son has an infamous criminal who goes by his name. Imagine what he must do to explain this to new acquaintances who he is sure will google him.

  • Just be glad your name isn’t Paul Williams! One out of every 5 people I talk to on the phone asks me if I was Burt Reynolds sidekick in Smokey & the Bandit.

    This lifelong curse has led me to come up with a potential solution to our very common problem. Check out the press release I just linked to this post.

    If you like the idea, tell some friends. I need lots of new users because my plan “B” is to get so Google rich that I become famous. That way people will start asking all the other Paul Williams’ in the world if they’re me. :)

  • Gray

    And then there’s this blogger, whose name scores 749000 google hits. Unfortunately, only 50 or so are about her real self, the rest is about a well known porn star. But she copes with the namesake in a humorous way:

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Jeff Jarvis? I am the real Jeff Jarvis.