Public flogging

The Times covers l’affariana Huffington today.

: Also, get a load of the picture of Arianna on Elizabeth Snead’s LA Times blog, where she has also been dogging the bird. There is a disembodied hand on Arianna’s shoulder. It looks like Thing, the evil hand that typed those fake posts.

  • This must mark some sort of milestone. The day when intramural fights in the blogosphere get a big article in the “MSM”.

    Who knows, perhaps the Times will start discussing the issues that the blogosphere is concerned with (and they, apparently, aren’t). You know, things like the war, government corruption, cowered newspapers and TV stations, violations of civil rights and other “trivia”.

  • Speaking of journalistic ethics:
    Today the NY Times has another insert (this one about Sudan) produced by a company called Summit Communications

    This PR firm seems to specialize in taking money from countries with an image problem and then buying an insert in the Times.
    This is a three-way scam. The country thinks they are buying some sort of credibility since Summit claims the NY Times is a “partner”, or the corrupt leaders are on an ego trip. The Times lowers itself by lending its prestige to the promotion of some of the worst regimes on the planet. The people of the country are bilked out of needed funds for a totally discredited PR effort.

    The worst offender is the Times. Even though the insert is labelled a “special advertising section”, it still has the NY Times name on each page. A real advertising supplement like those from Target or CompUSA makes the separation much clearer. So the Times is willing to lend some respectibility to Sudan with one of the worst governments (sic) for some advertising dollars.

    If I have Summit produce a supplement stating that Hitler was a good guy will the Times run that as part of their “special relationship”?

    Shame on them.

  • John

    If you’re going to do 1960s TV show references with Arianna, “Green Acres” would probably be more appropriate than “The Addams Family”. Of course, then she’d have to have Arnold Ziffel perched on her shoulder…

  • Clooney’s reaction, and Huffington’s delayed realization that her actions were unethical, prompted her to commit yet another blogging no-no; she removed the post from her site.

    Now anyone trying to track back to her site to see what all the fuss was about must leave Huffington Post to find it. Wouldn’t the perfect place for her “Lesson Learned” post be attached to the original screw-up? The entire original post should have a line through it with a large correction/ explanation posted below.