Exploding TV: Toss out the couch

Britons now spend more time on the internet than watching TV, according to a Google survey.

A survey conducted on behalf of the search engine found that the average Briton spends around 164 minutes online every day, compared with 148 minutes watching television. That is equivalent to 41 days a year spent surfing the web: more than almost any other activity apart from sleeping and working….

But the assertion is backed up – at least in part – by a recent study from the media watchdog Ofcom that showed how younger audiences are moving away from television.

The report into media literacy, which was published last week, said that television viewing has declined in recent years for the first time in its history. It also said that the “reach” of television – the number of people switching on for at least 15 minutes – had declined by 2.5% among those aged between 25 and 34. The shift is even more marked among younger users, with reach declining by 2.9% among the under-25s over the same period.

  • Consider this: The downloading of video via the Net has killed the tv station.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I agree with Alan. I watch more shows on the laptop than I do on the TV set…then again, I watch at work where I screw off more than Dagwood Bumstead. Your mileage may vary.

  • Wise One

    The net is a work thing for me. I do my work and take a break with the blogger sites. I never use it for TV.

    I bet the net has more shows and less commercials. YV has gone nuts with commercials. It is killing its viewers.

  • Does this mean The Buggles will make a comeback with “Internet Killed the TV Star?”

    Please, god, no.

  • the net is my standby at work. but very happy to think that the coming generation is more sociable, communicating rather than being passively entertained. that’s a good sign, imho.

  • Exploding TV: Toss out the couch

    Wait! Not the couch! I’m on the couch right now! In fact, I’m on the couch writing this post while watching the Phillies game! (We’re winning! whoo!)

    In my house (YMMV), there’s a TV tuner card on the desktop, so my husband can watch TV while he surfs the net, and my laptop sits on the arm of the sofa so I can surf the net while I watch TV. Heck, a person’s gotta have something to do during the 16-18 minutes of advertising per hour.

    Anyway, my point – watching the TV and surfing the net aren’t mutually exclusive, though the study quoted does appear to make them sound that way. It may be a bit early to announce the death of the television station.

  • Todd Lokken

    Zac…pretty funny!

    I’m actually waiting for radio to be eliminated, since you can get all your music/talk/sports online as well.