Maher, diluted

Tonight’s panel on Bill Maher’s return to HBO is the weakest ever: Helen Thomas in the center square?? Eddie Griffin blathers. And there’s Daniel Senor, official spokesman in Iraq. What, Paris Hilton was busy?

  • Paul

    I’ve really only liked this show for the political conversation. I never thought Bill Maher’s humor was his strongest point. But when they can’t have a real discussion about any topic because one of the guests continually rambles about bullshit (Griffin), the entire show is ruined.

  • Jason P.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Dan Senor and Paris Hilton used comparatively… actually, thinking about it, “The Simple Life” would be a good name for a reality show about Halliburton executives who never go to Iraq and yet reap all the construction contract benefits…

    Very apt comparison, Jeff!

  • I missed his HBO show but Maher killed on Leno the other night where he pronounced that all hunters have little penises.

  • Jim

    What’s Maher going to do if a Democrat gets in office? I want to see the same disrepectful attitude and attacks from Maher and his guests towards the Democrats. I used to like his show, but its just too liberal for me.

  • His guests were terrible! No one could figure out what Griffith was even saying.

  • Brian J

    “I missed his HBO show but Maher killed on Leno the other night where he pronounced that all hunters have little penises.”

    How clever and original.

  • Ron Pettengill

    per Brian J

    maher is representative of the typical Huffington Post Leftist – a functioning narcissist who believes that they are oh so clever. it works in a town (hollywood) where that behaviour is SOP. everybody laughs because they think they have to laugh. sort of like being at a margaret cho performance – you know she’s not funny but you think to yourself will i still be hip if I don’t laugh?

    bring on a la carte cable.

  • Rudolf Rathenau

    I don’t know what a few of you are talking about. You probably were the kids on the Super Special Yellow Bus in grade school. Eddie Griffin made very valid and very, very true points during the show. For example, the first one about Katrina victims gambling at the casino. Bill Maher thought he was joking about his comment which he obvioulsy wasn’t. I’ve a question, assuming youo have nothing but the clothes on your back, if you’re just thrown somewhere with a hefty compensation of $2000, from the RICHEST nation in the WORLD, how long do you think you can survive off of that considering just the costs of shelter/rent, clothing, and food? It was once said “Great minds think alike.” It was obvious that only Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Griffin were the only ones on the same page. Mr. Senor was just saying a bunch of non-sense! My wonder is if he truly believes it or is it what he was told to say by his superiors? As for Jim, I’ve got a little secret for you and those of like-minded folks. For you believe that these politicans, the liberals are so, so, so different from the conservatives. Well, the truth is when it comes down to it, they are quite much the same. Don’t have a heart attack!