Why I’m not a joiner

The pissing match over the British National Union of Journalists effort to slap a code of conduct on newspaper relations with bloggers and citizens is getting pissier. Neil McIntosh takes apart NUJ old fogie Adam Christie when he tries to take apart Emily Bell’s taking apart of the witless witness code. Here’s the best bit, from Christie:

I came away from last week’s Roundtable event feeling very old. Apart from Bill Hagerty, I think I may well have been the oldest there. The largely young contingent representing The Guardian did not seem to have seen a broader picture, or the “fanzine revolution” of the 70s, when Letraset and cheap photocopying caused many similar concerns as those we are seeing today. Their (lack of ) appreciation of history and their proximity to what they are doing worries me.

The poor old sod thinks the internet is a newfangled mimeograph machine. Reading this guy is like a fountain of youth.