Hoder’s op-ed

Hossein Derakhshan, now blogging from Israel, wrote an op-ed for The Times blaming the Bush Administration for bringing in radical Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by supporting a boycott of the election: “But the real problem here is that boycotting semi-democratic elections ultimately will not make such a system more democratic.”

: ALSO: Lisa Goldman blogs about Hoder’s visit in Tel Aviv, with links to other blogs writing about it.

  • kat

    Neither will having an election make a democracy. You can’t believe in jihad and caliphates and a democratic government at the same time. Iranians and palestinians proved to me that they prefer terrorists to moderates.

  • Dear innocent liberal!

    Ayn Rand says:”There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.”… maybe you need to educate yourself about Human Rights abuse cases in Iran! There is no such a thing as semi-democratic election in Iran! Elections take place in democratic societies not a country such as Iran… where you get executed for your political belief or practicing the Bahai faith! Don’t let your hate for the Bush Administration make you oversee the Truth!

  • Jim S

    The problem, whether Hoder wishes to admit it or not is that Iranian elections don’t matter. If moderates win they have no real power because the entire basis for the Iranian government is for all real power to lie with the mullahs and portions of the government that they exercise complete power over. If a conservative wins he only puts a face on the real policies of the government with no glossing them over.

  • Eric

    hi! As an iranian who although lives abroad, I am impressed by Derakhshan’s genius work. I find no word to say how I am touched by this brave act. I know, and of this sure, a lot of iranians, especially those amongst bloggers, would like to come to Israel and make a bridge betwen us and those people. And now that Derakshan is almost the first one who has had a big heart to go, unfortunatelly everyone has keplt silence about this event. To give a hint why this has happened, I give you this example: The daily visitors (hits)of Hoder’s blog is only 4300 ( less and more), but he consider also the readers of another group weblog which is written by other people,although maintained by Hoder. Thi grouop weblog is not a personal one and no one comes to read of its news because of Hoder. But Hoder himself by claming those readers as his own daily readers, arise suspection that he struggles to get as much as possible -undeserved- attention. It was not the first time that Hoder useses such unpleaseant tricks. Anyway… I hope iranian weblog community will undrestand the greatness and importance of his deed in going to Israel and neglet his careless, pretendiuos behaviour.

  • kat

    What exactly is so brave about his going to Israel?? Do you think “those people”(your words) are like those kidnappers and beheaders in other countries?

  • frieda

    As an Iranian, I am sorry to see that Hossien used this opportunity to blame Bush for everything..he could have talked about Iran’s awful human rights abuses…as this Iranian blogger suggested him to do http://zaneirani.blogspot.com/. Hossien needs a lesson in democracy, maybe someone can give him Natan Sharanksy’s advise:

    “But elections are not a true test of democracy. They are an instrument, one that can be applied well or badly. The same is true of constitution: The Soviet Union had an impeccable constitution on paper, but it was not applied to the benefit of Soviet citizens in practice. It became a meaningless symbol. Elections can be just as meaningless in the hands of tyrants. ………. Free elections are held in an environment where people are free to express their views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm. ……
    That is why elections are never the beginning of the democratic process. Only when the basic institutions that protect a free society are firmly in place – such as a free press, the rule of law, independent courts, political parties – can free elections be held or mean anything.” from his book: “the case for democracy”

  • Ed Poinsett

    Hoder is wrong, it did not matter what Bush said. The Guardian Council had pre-ordained the election results. Voting is not democracy, it is a process within a democracy but only if the elections are free and fair. Otherwise it’s sham.