Sure to be a best-seller

O’Reilly has a GoogleMaps Hacks book. Can’t have a web site without one these days.

  • ct

    So I was thinking you were making some kind of dig at Bill O’Reilly…

  • Yeah same here, I have been reading too many political blogs.


  • Jim S

    When I first saw the word O’Reilly that was my reflex…then I saw the rest of it and realized it was the same book I put in my Amazon shopping cart last night.

  • Why is this a book and not a website or, even better, a wiki? O’Reilly is stuck in the print age, eh?

  • Jim S

    Books quite possibly will never die. OTOH, they might shrink to be sold only to those who truly love books (I have a shirt that says Book-A-Holic on it.) and only fiction for them eventually IF they ever come out with a truly useful and readable electronic reader. Personally I’d love one for my computer reference books and textbooks (If I ever get back in school.).