Right hand, meet left hand

I’m amused that the op-ed page of the Times today says that Ana Marie Cox is editor of Wonkette even as two sections back, David Carr says she isn’t.

And by the way, good luck to AMC, who in the Times pic is looking a little worse for the wear after endless nights of gossip (cheesy tatts, girl).

  • Mumblix Grumph

    “Do these tats make me look cheap?”

    “Don’t blame the tats, sweetie.”

  • Oh, TATTS.

  • ME-OW, Jeff.

  • Almost a year ago I told the NYSun that Wonkette was the Paris Hilton of bloggers. She’s never disproved it, so far.

    To the contrary.

  • It is almost the same as left meeting right:)

  • Mike NYC

    Online it makes sense. She just quit, but is still editor until end of the month.

  • Is Wonkette still Wonkette without the wonkette? Guess it depends on what the meaning of “is” is. Perhaps blogging is not ready for that kind of ontological question.

  • Joe

    wow, rather unnecessary bitchiness Mr. Jarvis.

  • Lovely snark, Jeff! Quite proud of ya!

    Just proves that guys don’t have to blog under the guise of women to snark properly (a nod to David Lat–blog drag queen slated to take over Wonkette)?

  • kittenpie

    yeah, I agree, they are cheesy.
    And I’m not wholesale against ink, I have some myself, but those are, as you say, cheesy.

  • John Steven

    Well, the editorial side is supposed to be separated from the news side, after all. ;)

  • You guys are joking, right?