Bowing to bigots

Well, the prudes and prigs and closed-minded bigots of the allegedly religious right won one. No, two.

Two spineless, dickless, unAmerican NBC affiliates — KARK-TV in Little Rock, and WTWO-TV in Terre Haute, both are owned by Nexstar Broadcasting — dropped Book of Daniel after the so-called American Family Association (I’m an American and I have a family but I wouldn’t associate with these hatemongers) complained that the show might find humor in churches. Well, actually, the real reason is that the AFA hates gays and Book of Daniel doesn’t.

So these NBC scumbags went along with it. Would they have gone alone with the KKK trying to kill I Spy because it had a black star? Same thing. Bigotry is bigotry. One station tried to make up a spin that it’s a protest again the regulatory environment. Well, bullshit. Shows with homosexual characters are not — yet — a subject of regulation.

The affiliate in Salt Lake City — which previously would not air Coupling, God, the Devil and Bob, and Stressed Eric. — is airing Daniel.

“There’s been an enormous amount of discussion about the show,” said Steve Poulsen, vp marketing at KSL-TV, NBC’s affiliate in Salt Lake City. “This one happens to have religious overtones to it and is causing a little stir. We determined on this one to let the viewers determine the success or failure of this show.”

Well, now, wouldn’t that be a fine policy every day of the week?