Secrets about secrets about secrets

NYTimes Public Editor Byron Calame said he had a list of questions for Times editors they wouldn’t answer. I wanted to see him list the questions; so did other readers. But Calame won’t list them. What kind of transparency is that? Cough ’em up, Calame.

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  • Right of Center

    Death spirals are never pretty to watch.

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  • Byron’s not in a good position at the moment. Gripping your own ankles and kissing your own tush goodbye is not a fun way to be fired.

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    MORE, OJ Simpson Case Media Stuff:

    This is an E-mail I received from Aphrodite Jones>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    “Mario —

    I will look at
    your website and would like
    to talk with you after
    the holidays.
    Perhaps there’s some format
    of TV we can bring this
    explosive information to. I will check with
    FOX news and NBC news to see if there’s interest.

    Thanks for writing —
    Sincerely —

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Jeff,

    You make the mistake that what the Times wants IS transparency.

    They don’t really want ACTUAL transparency, just the illusion of it. That’s why they have a public editor, so that we will BELIEVE that there is accountability. This episode puts the lie into focus.

    Any public editor who gets this response should just resign. He and his position are being made a mockery of by the very people who put him there to create “mock transparency.”

    How can he NOT resign?

  • Ravo

    Major Al Qaeda Cell Uncovered in NYC
    Written by Jeremy Robb
    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    NEW YORK, New York — US agents uncovered a massive Al Qaeda terrorist cell in New York City, arresting thousands of sleeper cell agents. The lair was located at 229 West 43rd Street and published a secret news periodical called “The New York Times.”

    “We’re lucky that we found them when we did,” said an undercover agent. “We’ve been tracking them for some time, but the front page story alerting other terrorists that we’re listening to their domestic phone calls was the final clue. The chatter from that location has been high for the last few weeks, but it went off the charts that day. When we raided their hideout, we found messages ready for their upcoming publications that disclosed who has infiltrated Al Qaeda as a counterspy without a warrant and which terrorist plans have been discovered so far without a warrant. Fortunately, they’ve only alerted every Al Qaeda member in the United States that we’re spying on them. We were lucky this time.”

    Great spoof with a ring of truth IMHO