Inside Stern Sausage Co.

So I got in the car tonight and turned on my Sirius and what to my wondering ears should I hear but Howard and his crew doing a live and public test of their new studio. Damn, it was good to hear them again. And once again — warning: Howard praise coming — it’s wonderful that he lets his listeners into the sausage factory, to hear how radio is extruded.

Interesting to note that toward the end of the hour test, Howard lectured Richard and Sal about overuse of F- and C- words. He said it’s OK if it’s vital to the joke or if someone slips in a fit of passion in the studio. But he’s not going to use them just because he can. See: Howard does have standards. Of course, he does.

To their surprise, listeners started calling in. Howard said he didn’t think anyone would be listening. But here were two people on the phone. Artie said it felt good to already have twice the audience of Imus.