Manifesto for the future

If I were the publisher of one of America’s lumbering and suffering major newspapers (which I certainly will never be), I’d go hire Greensboro News & Record Editor John Robinson but not let him into the newsroom for a month so the staff can go to his blog and read pieces like this and fret about the future under an editor who embraces change.

  • Lex

    If you’re a publisher: Good luck with that, inasmuch as his roots, and his wife’s family business, are here. Also, I would have to hurt you. :-)

  • Gaius Arbo

    Wow- Watch out for this guy. He gets it. He’s got the ability to actually save some credibility for the MSM.

    And this is why I read blogs. Thanks, Mr. Jarvis.

  • Sue

    Lex would simply be at the front of the line. It would be a long line. We’re grateful to have JR’s leadership in our ‘boro.

  • “intensely local” and full of “blogs” and “forums”?

    Sounds like it could be run by one guy in his pajamas with user-generated content.

    The revenue just isn’t there to support large staffs

  • corky

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  • corky

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  • corky

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  • John Robinson

    Thanks for the mention. You’re a big influence. And Lex should speak for himself.

  • John Robinson has been a great asset to Blogsboro but his smartest move was when he teamed up with the local Blogosphere instead of trying to control it. Unlike other MSM outlets who have attempted to monopolize the local bloggers, John, Lex, Herb, Allen, and the rest of the N&R staff saw us not as a threat or a new territory to control, but as an asset that could only thrive if left in the sun.

    While at the recent ConvergeSouth gathering I got the chance to express to bloggers and journalists from around the world what the N&R’s entry into the Blogosphere had done for them. I told those attending a session led by Jay Rosen and Lex Alexander that (I’m paraphrasing) the News & Record was no longer just a big brick building downtown, shrowded in secrecy, but was now in-fact a place filled with people who are not unlike you me, and everyone else.

    That’s reason enough for any newspaper to follow John’s lead and this post is the reason you’re in the news at

  • Jim Wilson

    Jeff’s comments don’t just apply to the big, “lumbering” news companies, but all the way down to the local weeklies that depend so heavily on real estate and other advertising for their survival. I follow a number of small papers around the country (where friends and relatives live), and find very few with any imagination at all — if they’re even on the web in the first place.

    One aspect common to almost all of them — no surprise — is that feedback is strictly controlled. As with the traditional letters to the editor, staff members feel they must filter the feedback. Their loss.