Richard Pryor, one of comedy’s all-time greats, has died.

  • Richard Pryor had a profound effect on me as a young fellow and, I believe, opened doors of understanding that were closed until he came along.

    My favorite bit of his is from his original album, “That Nigger’s Crazy.” He plays a drunk in one scene. The guy stands by the side of the road and rails at everybody. Some guy goes speeding by, and he says, “Hey! Slow down, mutha-fuckah. This ain’t no residential district; this here’s a neighborhood!”

    Brilliant. We’ll miss him, but his influence will always remain.

  • sorta a self-link since i work there, but one of our members has created a Richard Pryor gallery in his memory


  • He’s died a couple of times now. No worries, he’ll be back. Maybe a little worse for wear, but still funny.