Damn again

Sen. Eugene McCarthy has died. Like so many children of the ’60s, he and Vietnam were the reasons I became active in politics.

: LATER: NBC News led with Pryor; CBS and ABC led with McCarthy. NBC then plugged a tribute to Pryor on Saturday Night Live tonight.

  • Eric M

    No one is mentioning how McCarthy was heavily subsidized by a rich newspaper owner in New Hampshire. This is totatly prohibited by current campaign finance laws. In effect – one rich guy (I need to find his name)helped to disrupt the Democratic party machine and changed the course of American history.

    Why isn’t anyone covering it? All the obits mention this totally BS “grassroots campaign” he had- it was a classic example of Astroturf-

  • Ethan

    i don’t think that would be appropriate. and if it was legal at the time, it won’t be viewed as essential to his life story.

  • I spoke with McCarthy 2 years ago about the state of things at the time. He was very much against the Iraq war; the question for him was not whether Iraq was “good” or “bad”, but the intent behind the action, the people running the show, and the beneficiaries of destabilizing the region.

    To boil his career, beliefs, and impact down to a rich benefactor is to discredit a great contributor to American history.

  • Ethan

    people aren’t covering it because it wouldn’t be appropriate to dig up something immediately after he died.. this isn’t that complicated.

  • Jeff,

    I suggest you block QQ—it’s some weird marketing website that’s copying snippets of legit earlier comments and linking back to it’s own site.