The Customer Evangelists report that Amazon is experimenting with product-information wikis (more here) so we the customers can share and update information on products for sale. Damned smart. The evangelists also make some good suggestions.

: Rob Hof has more.

  • Seems like a natural evolution from user reviews… to full user engagement in product descriptions and updates… and probably all kinds of conversations about the products.

    Everybody sees immediately Amazon gathering rich customer profiles… for all kinds of clever marketing purposes.

    I see however a huge amount of user generated content exposed directly to the search engines… achieving the best possible matching of search (intentions) with product information… through the original (unmediated)words of the customers themselves. No need for any marketing analysis, segmentations, targeting, advertising… nothing. It will work by itself.

  • DM

    The pessimist in me can’t help but think that if companies of competing products had such easy access to sound off there would be no way they could restrain themselves from proxy attacks.

  • Mario Rizzuti

    Sounds nice. Maybe the project made independent from the main portal would have more value? (could it cover even cars, hotels, places, professionals, etc?).

  • Well the demand of proxies will keep increasing day by day. Nice article by the way!