There is a death pool for Pajamas Media (I suggested it back here). Some in the comments there are suggesting side bets on which bloggers bail first.

  • How about the ‘My Blog Is Full of Crap’ guy, Laurence Simon? That’s where I’d put my money.

  • Prediction Market! Prediction Market!

  • Thanks for the link, Jeff. We’re hoping to get the balance up to more than the $7 it currently is. C’mon, man, you gonna enter? It’s a dollar!

  • kat

    Timothy found 6 other idiots to give him a handout.

  • Now now, Kat, the technical term is “patsy”

  • I have been a critic of Roger & Bigot’s enterprise, but I’m not going to place a bet. I honestly don’t care whether or not it survives.

  • kat

    Yes, reporting on stories about the ROP that the MSM try to avoid, makes one a bigot–CAIR says so too. Who needs to know this stuff. It’s more important to blame Americans for the rampage worldwide, by the ROP. Is there a country on earth free from ROP terrorism????? How dare those bigots try to expose this!

  • That’s a fetching tinfoil hat you’re wearing.

  • kat

    No, it’s you and the moonbats you support who wear the headgear.

  • Oh, and what moonbats do I support? Be really careful when you libel me.

  • Eileen