Another fuse

TV is exploding from more than one side. Or to look at it another way, convergence is happening from all sides, including the infrastructural. Cisco announces it is buying cable-box-maker Scientific Atlanta. the Journal says:

Cisco Systems Inc. agreed to purchase cable-television-technology concern Scientific-Atlanta Inc., paying $43 per share in a cash deal valued at about $6.9 billion that comes as equipment makers respond to evaporating lines between the Internet, television and telephone industries.

Long a cornerstone of big corporate and government data networks, Cisco is now pushing its products directly to consumers. It is doing that just as the nation’s big telephone companies begin rolling out fiber-optic systems to send television to homes using Internet technology.

  • Alas not in Australia any time soon. The Commonwealth government is doing what it can to phase in digital television without changes of any sort to the status quo, they plan on enforcing a variety of restrictions to prevent convergance and keep television as tehy know it, ie. to protect the power basis of the media companies they rely on for support.

    Curses. We’re allowed to have playback on the sports but god forbid someone integrate digital TV to its full capacity, it could see the decline of the traditional TV station!

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