Miller snips

Don’t miss Bob Garfield’s interview with Judith Miller on On The Media. He pushes her. She gets snippy and defensive. And you won’t believe her explanation of making a deal with Libby to call him a former Hill staffer instead of what he was: She said she made that deal only to hear what he had to say and that if she had used the information she got as a result, she would have gone back to him to negotiate different attribution…. which, of course, makes one wonder why she didn’t do the same with her more consequential deal for confidentiality. As usual, she won’t take responsibility for her role in leading to the war. And she now says she won’t believe what people in intelligence say — though, of course, that’s what she spent a career doing. Welcome to Judy’s mind. Don’t break any mirrors or you’ll have 85 days bad luck.

: Here‘s Arianna on Judy on Larry King.

  • If it’s accurate that none of Judith Miller’s wmd articles contain the phrase “former Hill staffer,” then the controversy over that phrase was much ado about nothing.

    There are other things about Judith Miller’s reporting to criticize, though:



    Scoop: “U.S. Says Hussein Intensifies Quest for A-Bomb Parts,” by Judith Miller and Michael R. Gordon, September 8, 2002. The authors quote Ahmed al-Shemri (a pseudonym), who contends that he worked in Iraq’s chemical weapons program before defecting in 2000. ” ‘All of Iraq is one large storage facility,’ said Mr. Shemri, who claimed to have worked for many years at the Muthanna State Enterprise, once Iraq’s chemical weapons plant.” The authors quote Shemri as stating that Iraq is stockpiling “12,500 gallons of anthrax, 2,500 gallons of gas gangrene, 1,250 gallons of aflatoxin, and 2,000 gallons of botulinum throughout the country.”

    Oops: As UN weapons inspectors had earlier stated-and U.S. weapons inspectors confirmed in September 2003-none of these claims were true. The unnamed source is one of many Iraqi defectors who made sensational false claims that were championed by Miller and The Times.

    Scoop: “White House Lists Iraq Steps to Build Banned Weapons,” by Judith Miller and Michael Gordon, September 13, 2002. The article quotes the White House contention that Iraq was trying to purchase aluminum pipes to assist its nuclear weapons program.

    Oops: Rather than run a major story on how the United States had falsely cited the UN to back its claim that Iraq was expanding its nuclear weapons program, Miller and Gordon repeated and embellished the lie.

  • owl 1

    “As usual, she won’t take responsibility for her role in leading to the war”. You are kidding right? I listened to that tape and heard her say she wrote 6 stories and her intel was wrong, so her story was wrong. What was the NYTs excuse? Surely they vet? Double source and they know the source on something this important. Surely. Well, they really should not feel all that bad as the smooth talking devils in 1998 sold the public on WMDs, passed a regime change law and then bombed a factory. Those same people were standing up in Congress making speeches about it at the same time Miss Judy was writing…………and I am only talking about the Democratic ones. You know, the same ones that sold the thing in 1998.

    So now you all want Miss Judy to take responsibility to leading us to war? And George W Bush misleading poor us. Yep, those two mislead, manipulated, printed……..busy little bees to have mislead an entire nation. Makes you wonder who mislead Hillary Clinton, considering she should have had “inside” knowledge and surely….just surely…..she would have shed a little light on the subject so all those on the floor making speeches (in her own party) could have shut up and saved themselves. Read a comment on a blog that said it all and I am borrowing …..but only remember something to the effect that no one had bamboozed or snookered them. And if any member of Congress felt hoodwinked, mislead or snookered, they should resign right now. They needed to put all their money in trust and hire a guardian.

    Yep, that about covers the “I was mislead” argument for Congress, even if they read Miss Judy’s 6 articles.