Miller snips

Don’t miss Bob Garfield’s interview with Judith Miller on On The Media. He pushes her. She gets snippy and defensive. And you won’t believe her explanation of making a deal with Libby to call him a former Hill staffer instead of what he was: She said she made that deal only to hear what he had to say and that if she had used the information she got as a result, she would have gone back to him to negotiate different attribution…. which, of course, makes one wonder why she didn’t do the same with her more consequential deal for confidentiality. As usual, she won’t take responsibility for her role in leading to the war. And she now says she won’t believe what people in intelligence say — though, of course, that’s what she spent a career doing. Welcome to Judy’s mind. Don’t break any mirrors or you’ll have 85 days bad luck.

: Here‘s Arianna on Judy on Larry King.