So much for the wisdom of the polls

Once again, pre-election polls were full of it. The gubernatorial race in New Jersey was supposed to be close. It was anything but.

  • Perhaps you will find this amusing:

    It would seem that the press tries to emphasize that contests are close since all they focus on is the “horse race”. So even the NYC race was talked up as if there was some question of the results.

    If the press stopped covering the process they might be forced to discuss actual policy differences. Given the political sophistication of most of the news anchors that seems like a far fetched possibility.

  • Barry Hollander

    I must be looking at the numbers wrong. One pre-election poll had it 44-39 with 12 percent undecided; another had it Corzine 52-45. The actual results are 53-44.

    Full of it?

  • Voters across the nation dealt a major defeat to the radical anti-government movement. In Colorado, California and Washington, the people rejected the starvation tax policies of the Norquistas and reaffirmed their shared commitment to investment in essential public services. Looking ahead to 2006, this augurs well for good government Democrats and represents a stern warning to President Bush and the Congressional GOP.

    For the full story, see:

    “Voting with Their Wallets.”