The French bloggers

I’m interested in your reaction to bloggers’ relationship to the French riots (because I may be writing about it in a column) — about the bloggers who were pulled in by the cops for allegedly inciting and about the French blogosphere’s reporting and reaction to the riots. Any help appreciated. Here‘s the Guardian story:

Two bloggers have been detained by authorities in France on suspicion of encouraging people to take part in the Paris riots.

A 16-year-old French teenager and an 18-year-old of Ghanaian nationality are being questioned by Paris prosecutors, according to reports.

One of the blogs was called “sarkodead”, a reference to the interior minister and presidential contender, Nicholas Sarkozy, who referred to the rioters in disparaging terms and has been singled out for criticism by many French bloggers.

The pair have been placed under investigation, which is a step short of formal charges under French law, for “inciting harm to people and property over the internet”.

Sarkodead and the second blog – called “hardcore” – were suspended last weekend, according to judicial officials in Paris.

French bloggers have been divided over their attitude to the riots. Some have tried to calm the situation, while others have tried to inflame the situation.

“I have never got how turning where you live into a war zone proves anything,” said “bobcoloredglasses”.

“If anyone in the ghetto is reading this and is ever part of a riot, try rioting in the mayor’s neighbourhood. I bet you get a much faster reaction, and you can go back to your house that hasn’t been wrecked.”

Another blogger wrote: “It is not by firing teargas into a mosque – in Ramadan – how one restores order. Peace is gained by meeting people. Unfortunately this long-term work does not figure in the presidential planning of Mr Sarkozy. Sarkozy will never be my president.”

: See also this fascinating Business Week story on Sarkozy buying Google AdWords to try to drum up support for his side.

Welcome to the uncontrolled world of media where anybody can try to control it but can’t.

  • Without seeing the language they used, it would be hard to know how incendiary they were. However, since blogging has always had a halfway fictitious side, and many spoofs are prevalent in its history, I think taking any particular blogger off the air should be preceded by warnings and consequent continual violations.

    From the instances I have seen of anyone being banned from any particular blog, it would seem that some guidelines need to be laid down, and if crossed, then punishment which has previously been detailed may be applied. But words are one thing, actions another.

  • Did you see Loïc’s post about this yesterday?

  • I think if you want an informed European opinion about the Paris riots you should contact Sunny Hundal of Pickled Politics:

  • I.F. Stoner

    Well, there *is* a larger question here, and that is whether or not hate speech (and we surely can’t pretend there is no such thing) deserves full protcetion.
    I don’t mean “hate speech” in the Berkeley Women’s Studies sense of the word, I mean “hate speech” in the Holmesian “fighting words/incitement to violence” sense.
    That said, should it matter whether they are bloggers or dead-tree publishers?
    This on the anniversary of Kristalnacht, no less.
    Food for thought.

  • kat

    {Another blogger wrote: “It is not by firing teargas into a mosque – in Ramadan – how one restores order. Peace is gained by meeting people.} Yes, it is not gained by burning cars, attacking a crippled woman, or acting like a piece of scum. It is not gained by killing innocents in Jordan. That blogger needs to give his message to muslims.

  • susano

    So what’s REALLY going down with these riots? There are people who want to see the same in the US. Pay attention!

    French Riots: Plan Engineered by Globalists
    France erupts as rampant immigration reaps its vengeance

    Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | November 8 2005

    These riots are all part of the Globalists’ divide and conquer strategy to get the populations of sovereign nations to accept global government.

    The intention is plain and simple: seperate the tribes along racial, religous, and ethnic lines and set them off against each other. When a terrorist act might be too obvious, riots are the next best thing. Both accomplish the same goal of getting people stirred up, frightened and most of all to make otherwise clear-minded poeple willing to submit their liberties to the state in trade for “protection.”

    All of this is a device to broaden the police state to be used against the general public.

    And just watch, these events will only lead to increased immigration into the country just like in the United States.

    The world watches in trepidation as the wildfires of chaos sweep from France across Europe. We are witnessing the fruits of globalization. Rampant unchecked immigration policies and the enforced fusion of multiculturalism form the backbone of the New World Order’s systematic purge of the sleeping middle class.

    Empires that have historically dominated and conquered the barbarians will one day wake up to find the barbarians are at the gates.

    A sizeable proportion of the secular humanist Westerners who like to think of themselves as part of the establishment, when in reality they are unwitting tools of the true elite, have bought into the cuddly utopian philosophy that the West is a global village which welcomes all comers and has the enlightened innate ability to homogenize millions of different people of all different colors and creeds into one giant melting pot.

    The reality couldn’t be further from the truth and images of flaming buses, schools, nurseries, terror and panic betray that fact.

    The mainly Algerian Muslims causing the chaos hate the country that has afforded them a greater living standard than their birthplace ever could. They have been programmed from day one to believe that the West owes them big time, and this is only abetted by the establishment media and the liberal hierarchy in France.

    Politicians and media mouthpieces have towed the rhetoric that somehow the state’s ignorance of these individuals and their lack of care in providing them with adequate housing, health care and employment is the cause of the rebellion.

    That in itself highlights the crux of the problem. The immigrants think the State owes them a living and are prepared to act as leeches and suck off all they can get with no return. The burden always falls on the middle class. France’s six million strong Muslim population and its insane mass immigration policies is why French taxes are the highest in Europe.

    The melting pot of multiculturalism does not work, it has never worked and it was never intended to work. The Algerians in France do not want to be part of the Western fabric because they fundamentally hate it to its very core. This is not helped by promotion of decadent and hedonistic lifestyles pumped out from every cultural and media orifice.

    Pat Buchanan’s analysis of this process makes for an excellent auderve
    but it fails to address the overarching source of the chaos.

    The real power behind the clash of civilizations lies with Globalists, in whose interest it is to foment race wars. Their vision of the Western world can best be described as a corporate fascist high tech slave plantation, with all the proles packed into high rise compact cities. The middle class simply won’t exist.

    But how will the corporate fascists make their money? The real money will not be made under the pretense of a free-market economy, but in the areas of police state security and prison complexes and in addition bombing broken-backed third world countries then rebuilding them with no-bid contract cronyism.

    Besides, the Globalists print the money and can manipulate the phony fiat money system at whim.

    The character of the riots was shaped and clarified today when a leader of the Aztlan ( ) movement in the U.S. said it was only a matter of time before similar unrest hit the streets of America.

    Aztlan and Mecha groups advocate killing all whites and blacks and driving them out of the southern states by means of brutal ethnic cleansing. Flags and placards carried at marches depict white people having their heads cut off, as seen in the picture below.

    Those that protest such groups are then attacked by the establishment media and labeled as racists, despite the fact that the Plan of San Diego, a rallying cry for the Hispanic Klan groups, advocates total eradication of any race but Hispanics.

    Mecha’s own slogan reads, “For the race everything. For those outside the race, nothing.”

    Mexican owned radio stations erect giant billboards in Los Angeles claiming the city belongs to Mexico, as seen below.

    Mainstream Hispanics who love America abhor the virulent racism that the Mexican Klan groups embrace.

    And who bankrolls these pocket radicals? Billionaire tax-exempt foundations and NGO’s owned by white men. Organizations like the Ford Foundation, groups who are zealous in their quest to eliminate the middle class and destroy America, turning it into a cashless society, compact city, surveillance control grid where only two tiers of society exist – the elite and the poor slaves.

    Every major minority movement throughout history has been infiltrated and steered by the elite in an attempt to obtain these objectives.

    The elite want us to be at each others throats while they dominate over the downtrodden and befuddled warring tribes. Race is the ultimate touchstone hot button issue and the Globalists have enacted policies of rampant uncontrolled immigration in order to force hostile cultures to intermingle. The outcome is always tribal warfare, as we saw in Bosnia and Kosovo and as we now witness unfolding in France.

    On the other side of the equation Paul Harvey, a veteran radio host some consider to be the conscience of America, recently applauded black slavery and biological warfare and urged its reintroduction in Iraq. Harvey stated,

    “Once upon a time, we elbowed our way onto and into this continent by giving small pox infected blankets to native Americans.

    Yes, that was biological warfare!

    And we used every other weapon we could get our hands on to grab this land from whomever. And we grew prosperous.

    And, yes, we greased the skids with the sweat of slaves.”

    This kind of puerile nonsense only encourages the pocket radicals to think they’re fighting the American Empire, when in fact it is the Empire itself that is using the radicals to dismantle the middle class.

    The riots take place with the backdrop of draconian terror legislation being debated in the British and Australian Parliaments. Support for the new powers will only only increase as the turmoil drags on and the authorities prostrate themselves before the public, feigning weakness in order to justify greater control.

    The biggest selling newspaper in Britain, the Sun, carried a photo of a bloodied man on its front page with the headline, Terror Laws: Tell Tony He’s Right’. The picture was actually a London bombing victim but any passer-by would have easily mistook the man for a victim of the French riots. Thus reinforcing the belief that crime is terror and in times of strife, terror laws can be applied in either case.

    The state of emergency and curfews that are now in place in France are exactly the kind of response we expected from a government that has only succeeded in fueling the flames of this anarchy. Criminals do not obey laws. These laws will only impact ordinary law-abiding people. Are people who are willing to set innocent women on fire going to take any notice of a curfew?

    France is now reaping the whirlwind of warnings unheeded and a laissez faire attitude of trusting a government that, despite mock opposition to the war in Iraq, is a central pillar of the New World Order.

    Jean-Marie Le Pen was the subject of a worldwide demonization campaign back in 2002 when he was called a racist and a threat to ‘democracy’ after he ran on a platform of sensible immigration control. The real reason behind Le Pen’s pariah status could be found in the mandate of his own manifesto, which said that under his authority France would not be a part of the New World Order.

    The hysteria of the time looks foolish now that France is in the grip of what some are calling the biggest threat to its peace since world war two.

    Take a bow, Globalization. The gnashing jaws of world government have once again provided us an example of what life will be like in the New World Order. We must resist it now more than ever to prevent the chaos of France repeating in our cities and demolishing our very way of life.

  • Oh, my.

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  • susano

    A couple of teenagers blogging are not responsible for riots in 300 towns and cities. They are tools.

  • Anna Haynes

    Andrew Tobias quotes from Direland providing context on Sarkozy‘s hate speech:
    “”Sarko” made headlines with his declarations that he would “karcherise” the ghettos of “la racaille”– words the U.S. press has utterly inadequately translated to mean “clean” the ghettos of “scum.” But these two words have an infinitely harsher and insulting flavor in French. …”

  • kat

    I wonder if Karcher pressure washers got their name that way–karcherize.
    The hooligans certainly lived up to the scum part so Sarkozy was right on the mark.

  • Well, some inputs in here from Paris by a french blogger… How did all this story began… An accident in the suburbs. Two young people were electrocuted. A pure accident. But in the suburbs, anything can lead to a huge explosion of violence, in France as anywhere in the world.

    Since several years, in november and december teenagers leaving in the suburbs are launching the “burning car competition”, several hundred of cars in just one night. And then riots. It’s not new, it’s not our first time, it’s a problem of social integration for specific class of the population.

    Since about 15 years, governements have been fighting to solve the suburbs integration problems, but the situation is going worth and worth, and no politic has been able to find a real solution to the problem. Since years, immigrant and foreigners have been “packed” in the suburbs, leaving together and building communities. They should have been welcome everywhere but on the contrary, politics always gather them in the same places. This becomes a parallele world in the world, with specific rules, but again, it’s not a french exclusivity, is it ?

    Now we have blogs, the french blogosphere is the most important in Europe, more than 3.300 millions blogs, so of course, we could have imagine to see a reaction to the riots poping up on the Net. The blog from which everything began has been closed by the hosting company because of it’s illegal content, you still can see an other one there,, set up as a photo album in souvenir of the 2 teenagers that have been killed but which also has been the place of violent discussions that have been deleted now.
    The blogosphere is still extremely attractive for french medias, so of course, as soon as something related to the riots appeared there, everyone focused on it: yes, the blogosphere might also lead riots, as it might also help raising funds to help victims of any natural disaster. This is the power of the blogosphere as we all know it, and perhaps, again, France might have been the first to experience it, due to our culture of polemic, our habit to contest everything just for the sake of contesting.

    But this won’t solve the suburbs problems, and this is not a topic that can be easily addressed in just few lines included in a comment. Also, the french blogosphere is certainly not responsible of the development of riots. It’s sa suburb problem, not an online one.

    For more information regarding politics reaction to the phenomenon and specifically the Google adwords campaign of the Internal Minister, see

  • Some of these comments can only be translations, and not at all well done. Reminds me of the Japanese to english instructions that come with some high tech purchases.

    Susano article: ‘Pat Buchanan’s analysis of this process makes for an excellent auderve
    but it fails to address the overarching source of the chaos.’
    (can this have been hors d’oeuvre’?)
    GdG quote: ‘the situation is going worth and worth’
    (growing worse and worse, perhaps?)

    Makes you wonder about the source, doesn’t it?

  • Indeed, I wanted to say “growing worse and worse”, sorry for my english…

  • SdC

    Guillaume’s analysis is right from a French point of vue. These problems are not new, the first important riots were in Lyon at the beginning of the 80′. The important thing is that this “riot movement” hasn’t really spread through other cities here. The process is always the same : an accident in a suburb and then the whole district reacts violently. What we see is that each government tries a little of this or that, there isn’t any program followed more than 2-3 years : French politicians lack of guts. The result is that the so-called “integration” French model of social integration is a failure, some suburbs reach almost 50% of unemployed people, living without any kind of hope. Imagine a kid who’s never seen neither his dad nor mom working…
    And it was easier to catch the leaders when SMS didn’t exist : nowdays policemen hardly dare to come in some suburbs, and when they come, SMS are used to alert guys that might be arrested.
    The French blogosphere didn’t react much, i guess because of the lack of real information from the ground. I would add that the French media don’t know how to present the facts. You can find more on this subject at :

    Ps : forgive my French English !!

  • SdC

    Guillaume’s analysis is right from a French point of vue. These problems are not new, the first important riots were in Lyon at the beginning of the 80′. The important thing regarding “riot movement” hasn’t really spread through other cities here. The process is always the same : an accident in a suburb and then the whole district reacts violently. What we see is that each government tries a little of this or that, there isn’t any program followed more than 2-3 years : French politicians lack of guts. The result is that the so-called “French model of social integration” is a failure as some suburbs reach almost 50% of unemployed people, living without any kind of hope. Imagine a kid who’s never seen neither his dad nor mom working…
    And it was easier to catch the leaders when SMS didn’t exist : nowdays policemen hardly dare to come in some suburbs, and when they come, SMS are used to alert guys that might be arrested.
    The French blogosphere didn’t react much, I guess because of lack of real information from the ground. I would add that the French media doesn’t know how to present the facts. You can find more on this subject at :

    Ps : forgive my French English !!

  • GdG: I’m sure my English from French would be really appalling, it was just strange to see two adjoining unintelligible comments. Jeff gets lots of “canned” comments from lobbying types.

  • ruth wrote:

    Some of these comments can only be translations, and not at all well done. Reminds me of the Japanese to english instructions that come with some high tech purchases.

    If ruth had taken a moment to check Guillaume’s blog, she would have seen that Guillaume is French and that English is his second language. Since it’s also mine let me preemetively beg forgiveness for any mistakes I make.

    As far as I’m concerned, the blogging part of this story is irrelevant. Inciting to riot is a crime (it seems) whatever the platform. If these people were standing on soapboxes, printing leaflets or using a megaphone, the crime would be the same.


  • penny

    It would have been useful if Al Guardian had linked to the blogs in question so all eyes could view the full context for what motivated the French police detainments. Also, the few cherry picked blog quotes in the article are useless and most likely Al Guardian-style support by omission of their inherent bias that the two bloggers are innocents being hassled by French authorities.

    It’s a useless article devoid of any depth.

    Jihadists are have been very adept at using cell phones and the internet to organize. Sustaining 12 days of rioting probably took some coordination.

    The French will retreat hoping to buy time by doling out more protection money. It will take all of those lovely and priceless nudes in the Louve getting burned, their vineyards torched and the Notre Dame in rubble before they get the picture of the engulfing Eurabian Taliban’s real objectives. By then, it will be too late.

  • Ravo,14173,1639538,00.html

    A BIG example of leftist media control…….

    ….just like our media – except ours doesn’t have the honesty to admit to it.

    “One of France’s leading TV news executives has admitted censoring his coverage of the riots in the country for fear of encouraging support for far-right politicians.”

    French TV plainly stated it is now curtailing coverage of the violence because they don’t want to encourage people to go to the right. Can you imagine what the liberals would do if the news, the truth of what was actually happening was witheld, solely to avoid people from being encouraged to lean left?

    “Mr Dassier said his own channel, which is owned by the private broadcaster TF1, recently decided not to show footage of burning cars….”

    ….”Politics in France is heading to the right and I don’t want rightwing politicians back in second, or even first place because we showed burning cars on television,” Mr Dassier told an audience of broadcasters at the News Xchange conference in Amsterdam today.”

    Another point in the article was to avoid encouraging further rioting, which has some validity, however, it certainly didn’t stop OUR media from turning UP THE VOLUME and MAKING UP riot fodder, when it SUITED their leftist purposes, such as the rioting in New Orleans.

    I give the French credit for at least being upfront in their bias. Our media hasn’t that kind of honesty and so is 100 times even more disgusting. Time to openly boycott Hollywood dishonesty as well.

  • Rob

    susano: take a breath. A deep breath, please.


    We are witnessing the fruits of globalization. Rampant unchecked immigration policies and the enforced fusion of multiculturalism form the backbone of the New World Order’s systematic purge of the sleeping middle class.

    So, let me make sure I’ve got this right. The “true elites” forced these people from North Africa into France, built them housing and gave them massive public assistance for forty years, so that they would have a force on hand which could later be incited to riot when the time came? All in the name of pitting the various factions against each other so as to destroy the middle class?

    Ha! I surrender. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. You win!

    By the way, have you ever noticed that it’s the countries participating in globalization (such as the US) that have the largest middle classes and the countries that resist the strongest (North Korea, to pick one nice example) which have the smallest middle class? Don’t you hate it when rhetoric collides with simple, everyday facts?

  • Ravo

    Rob, it’s you whose in La-La land:

    excerpts from:

    …life for Infidels everywhere is now much more dangerous and unpleasant, and the more Moslems we allow into our midst, the more that will be so. No country, no civilization has an obligation to commit suicide.

    The idea of migration is central to Moslem history. The Moslem calendar itself dates from 622, the year of the Hijra, or migration, from Mecca to Medina, by Muhammad and his followers. Now, in the last 30-40 years, slowly at first, and now much faster, there is a new phenomenon: migration of Moslem s to the Bilad al-Kufr, or Lands of the Infidels.

    And how do Moslems explain this migration, this willingness to live in countries largely run by Infidels, without Moslem rule? It is explained, within Islam, and by Moslems, and this has all been articulated, as justified because it is a way of eventually taking over these lands, of subversion by demography.

    Already there are many reports of Moslem leaders telling their people in Europe that in a generation or two, because the Europeans have so few children, and the Moslems between 6-10 children per family, they will “inherit Europe.”

    More and more mosques are being built. Within 20 years, in Holland, the majority of school-age children will be Moslem. Within 40 years, Italy – an essential part of the Western world, of Western civilization – will, if present birth-rates and immigration rates continue, have a majority Moslem population.

    According to Moslem thought, no permanent peace can ever be permitted between an Infidel power and a Moslem one.

    What happens to America’s ability to have a muscular foreign policy if it has to worry, not about a few million Moslems, but ten million?

    They must win with demograpics what they cannot win on the battlefield.

    Useful Idiots – (the Muslim term for YOU)
    WAKE UP! What part of this do you not understand!

  • susano

    Hey, Rob, it is you who are funny. It’s going on right under your nose and you don’t even get it. It’s about importing cheap labor. The problem is, there is a price to pay for that type of rampant exploitation. Ya see, the cheap workers didn’t go home after they were exploited. As Ravo says, they stuck around and had kids.

    Though life may have been lean in Africa (or wherever), the resident immigrants are not looking back (who can blame them) but at the “haves” where they and their children now reside. No amount of welfare makes up for a respectable place in society, though it definitely does foster an entitlement attitude. When France imported all of this cheap labor, times were better, and unemployment not such a problem. Now, with (yes) globalization, everyone, including the French, must become competative with China and India. You think the French want to give up their homogenous way of life in order to accommodate an immigrant population with whom they have nothing in common, culturally? You don’t think they see the potential of a push for a theocracy, down the road? These two cultures are incompatable. The bikini vs the hijab. How on earth do you square that?

    I doubt very much that 15 year old rioters give a shit about religion but, the broader Muslim population DOES. This is a case of importing cheap labor backfiring, big time. Now, I guarantee you, there will follow a crackdown. The people will demand it. What will be the result? Some sort of draconian measure, like the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, no doubt. Then, down the road, when the French get fed up with lower wages and a falling standard of living, when they get sick of competing with Chinese labor, when they’ve had enough of corporations ruling the world, the classic French reaction – demonstrations and stikes, will have been legislated right into terrorist acts against the state. ALL OF US, ALL OVER THE WORLD, are threatened by this loss of civil liberties.

    Alex Jones and Paul Watson are dead on when they say that immigration will continue or increase. I don’t know where you live but I live in the US. While we are busy securing the borders of Iraq, the US/Mexican border is WIDE OPEN. 20,000 illegals come in each WEEK. And yes, the middle class is being destroyed. Manufacturing has nearly all moved to China. Very shortly, we are going to have a big problem with our own immigrant community. Without jobs, there is no welfare, health care, decent education. California is the future, and it ain’t good. The gap is rapidly widening between rich and poor, which is why so many live in gated communities. Luckily, we don’t have the massive cultural differences that the French have with newer citizens. Mexico and the US are, afterall, WESTERN. However, if you had bothered to really read the piece I posted, and examined the Aztlan link, you would have found that somebody is trying very hard to alignn radical and violent Islam, with the goals of Mexicans in the US! I mean, WTF??? The Virgin of Guadalupe is an idol in Islamic teaching (and worth killing over), yet the Virgin does indeed appear on the Aztlan site, along with photos of Palestinian suicide bombers. If that sort of violence erupts in Los Angeles, we’ll have martial law, and the only ones who benefit from that sort of iron fisted control are the rich.

    Get a clue, Rob. Look at the big picture. Just as with Gaia, when it comes to politics and money, EVERYTHING is connected.

  • Ravo


    If we’d adhere to the wisdom of our forefathers when it came to immigration, we’d be a lot better off.

    1907 quote by Theodore Roosevelt:

    Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN

    “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

    But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an
    American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.

    We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this
    excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile. . . .

    We have room for but one language here, and that is
    the English language. . . .

    We have room for but one sole loyalty and that is
    a loyalty to the American people.”

  • “See also this fascinating Business Week story on”

    Um, rather obviously, there’s no actual link there.

    I take it not many people are bothered by this.

  • grandpa stole bets

    Program on the emergence of civilization.

    “14 species of large animals capable of domesitcation in the history of mankind.
    13 from Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
    None from the sub-Saharan African continent. ”
    And disfavor.

    They point out Africans’ failed attempts to domesticate the elephant and zebra, the latter being an animal they illustrate that had utmost importance for it’s applicability in transformation from a hunting/gathering to agrarian-based civilization.

    The roots of racism are not of this earth.

    Austrailia, aboriginals:::No domesticable animals.

    The North American continent had none. Now 99% of that population is gone.

    AIDS in Africa.

    Organizational Heirarchy
    Heirarchical order, from top to bottom:

    1. MUCK – perhaps have experienced multiple universal contractions (have seen multiple big bangs), creator of the artificial intelligence humans ignorantly refer to as “god”
    2. Perhaps some mid-level alien management
    3. Evil/disfavored aliens – runs day-to-day operations here and perhaps elsewhere

    Terrestrial management:

    4. Chinese/egyptians – this may be separated into the eastern and western worlds
    5. Romans – they answer to the egyptians
    6. Mafia – the real-world 20th century interface that constantly turns over generationally so as to reinforce the widely-held notion of mortality
    7. Jews, corporation, women, politician – Evidence exisits to suggest mafia management over all these groups.

    Movies foreshadowing catastrophy
    1985 James Bond View to a Kill 1989 San Francisco Loma Prieta earthquake.

    Many Muslims are being used like the Germans and Japanese of WWII::being used to hurt others and envoke condemnation upon their people.

    They can affect the weather and Hurricane Katrina was accomplished for many reasons and involves many interests, as anything this historical is::
    1. Take heat off Sheenhan/Iraq, protecting profitable war machine/private war contracts
    2. Gentrification. New Orleans median home price of $84k is among the lowest in major American cities, certainly among desirable cities.

    Our society gives clues to the system in place. We all have heard the saying “He has more money than god.” There is also an episode of the Simpsons where god meets Homer and says “I’m too old and rich for this.”

    This is the system on earth because this is the system everywhere.
    god is evil because of money.

    I don’t want to suggest the upper eschelons are evil and good is the fringe.

    But they have made it abundantly clear that doing business with evil (disfavored) won’t help people. They say only good would have the ear, since evil is struggling for survival, and therefore only the favored could help.

    The clues are there which companies are favored and which are disfavored, market domination being one clue, but they conceal it very hard because it is so crucial.

    I offer an example of historical proportions:::

    People point to Walmart and cry “anti-union”.
    Unions enable disfavored people to live satisfactorly without addressing their disfavor. This way their family’s problems are never resolved. Without the union they would have to accept the heirarchy, their own inferiority.
    Unions serve to empower.
    Walmart is anti-union because they are good. They try to help people address and resolve their problems by creating an enviornment where there are fewer hurdles.

    Media ridicule and lawsuits are creations to reinforce people’s belief that Walmart is evil.
    Low-cost disfavored Chinese labor is utilized by corporate america to maximize margins. They all do it. Only WalMart gets fingered because they are the ones who help, and those who seek to create confusion in the marketplace want to eliminate the vast middle class who have a real chance and instead stick with a lower classes who may not work otherwise. So they dirty him up while allowing the others to appear clean.

    The middle class is being deceived. They are being misled into the unfavored, and subsequently will have no assistance from their purchases with corporate america.

    I believe the coining of the term “Uncle Sam” was a clue alluding to just this::Sam Walton and WalMart is one of few saviors of the peasant class.

    Amercia is a country of castoffs, rejects. Italy sent its criminals. Malcontents.
    Between the thrones, the klans and kindred, they “decided” who they didn’t want and acted, creating discontent and/or starvation.
    The u.s. is full of disfavored rejects. It is the reason for the myriad of problems not found in European countries. As far as the Rockafellers and other industrialists of the 19th century go, I suspect these aren’t their real names. I suspect they were chosen to go and head this new empire.

    Royalty is the right way to organize a society. Dictatorships and monarchies are a reflection of the antient’s hierarchical organization.
    Positions go to those who have favor with the rulers, as opposed to being elected.
    Elections bring a false sense of how the world is. Democracy misleads people.
    Which is why the disfavored rejects were sent to the shores of America::To keep them on the wrong path.

    Jesus Christ is a religious figure of evil. These seperatist churches formed so they could still capture the rest of the white people, keeping them worshipping the wrong god.
    And now they do it to people of color, Latinos and Asians, after centuries of preying upon them.

    Since Buddism doesn’t recongnize a god, the calls are never heard, and Chinese representation is instead selected by the thrones.
    It was set up this way. Perhaps dyanstic thrones had a say, but maybe not.
    Budda was the Asian’s Jesus Christ::: bad for the people. “They came up at the same time for a reason.”

    Simpson’s foreshadowing::Helloween IV special, Flanders is Satan. “Last one you ever suspect.”
    “You’ll see lots of nuns where you’re going:::hell!!!” St. Wigham, Helloween VI, missionary work, destroying cultures.
    Over and over, the Simpsons was a source of education and enlightenment, a target of ridicule by the system which wishes to conceal its secrets.

    Jews maim the body formed in the image of “god”, and inflicted circumsision upon all other white people, as well as the evil that is Jesus Christ.
    I think about how Jews (were used to) created homosexuality among Slavics, retribution for the Holocaust.
    Then I think of the Catholic Church and its troubles.
    What connection is here between Jews and the Catholic church???
    If it is their sinister motives that’s behind the evil that is Jesus Christ are they being used at all?
    Perhaps it is them who are pulling strings.
    Their bondage in Egypt proves their disfavor. The ruling Jews decided to prey on the up-and-coming Europeans to try to fix their problems with the ruling elite.

    I believe Islam is the one true religion, and those misled christians who attack “god’s” most favored people will pay for it dearly one day.