Why they hate France

Well, at least it’s not us.

  • Thanks !
    The International mirror is hard to look at. SO keep the humour.

  • steve

    holy blame game, Batman! Could it be we found a crisis that’s not to be blamed on the Bush administration?

  • Says one of the rioters: “We burn because it’s the only way to make ourselves heard, because it’s solidarity with the rest of the non-citizens in this country, with this whole underclass. ‘

    That’s it! the hackers and trolls do it for all of us. Heartwarming.

  • Eileen, Kat and Ravo, they must have mentioned jihad every other sentence and the Guardian reporter must have just overlooked it on purpose, right? Stupid mainstream Guardian!

  • kat

    Undertoad–the Guardian has been known to shill for terrorists–even to hire them. If the Guardian is mainstream, then mohammad atta is a poor oppressed hero, one of your martyrs.

  • And why didn’t the reporter shoot them? (With a camera?)

  • DailyKos has a poll: Is Bush to blame for the Riots in Europe?

    In the blame race, France is ahead of Bush by 15 percent. But both are trailing the rioters though. They won’t pick France because they want America to be France. It’s pretty surprising that Bush didn’t catch more flack from the left here.

  • Mainstream as in media, not mainstream as in opinion.

  • The people actually rioting do not make subtle distictions. They hate us but we are simply not close enough to attack, our cars are not parked on French streets.

    The 9% of Kos readers that blame Bush are using his “stirring up Iraq” as their rationale.

  • Glen Fields

    We hate France, because they were to smart to fall for the fabrication to go to war in Iraq. To hate the French is to condemn ourselves. America has been able to pursue isolationist policies in the past due to geographical advantages. France and the rest of Western Europe have a long history of dealing with terrorism. Until 9-11, dealing with terrorism was optional here in the USA. Our faux war on terrorism has been the equivalent of using gasoline to put out a fire. The rest of the world has seen increased terrorist activity due to our stupidity. Let us not be concerned with hating the French or any other nationality. Worry about the hatred of Americans for the trouble we are causing in the world

  • kat

    Why would France want Saddam deposed–their heads were up his ass. The article wasn’t about us hating the French–but about muslims.

  • le croissant

    well, on that topic we just launched http://www.sayitfromfrance.com … hope you like it.

  • Vi Valdis

    Why Americans hate the French? Much of it is because many Americans are generally ignorant about other countries and also blindly loyal to the Bush Administration and the conservatives, especially the ones on talk radio. Don’t take my word for it, ask the talk radio listeners what they can tell you about France. Do you think they can even find France on a world map? What are their sources of information about the French, Rush Limbaugh? Hannity? Coulter?
    The Bush Administration was absolutely intent on invading Iraq, regardless of world opinion. The primary reason was stated about the WMDs, which were never found. The Bush Administration and the conservatives conveniently “forgot” that reason, and changed their stance that the invasion was to get rid of a cruel dictator. You blind loyalists have obediently followed along with the switch. You blame France (and other countries) for not following along, but maybe they weren’t as easy to fool as you are. You can hate all you want, but it doesn’t make you any smarter or more informed. So you can resort to labelling, name calling, and hurling personal insults.
    The Bush Administration cultivates contempt for all those (individuals or countries) that see thru the propaganda…if you can’t fool them, then hate them.
    The Bush Administration needs more people like you. You just believe what you’re told and don’t question anything.
    As for defending freedom…it was the Bush Administration that ordered domestic spying, not the terrorists. The Patriot Act (which greatly increases police powers) was supported by the Bush Administration, not the terrorists.
    But all this is useless to mention, because you blind loyallists probably couldn’t tell the difference between a democracy and a totalitarian state.
    Hating France will not preserve America’s civil liberties, but you probably don’t care anyway. What do you really care about, your pick-up, your guns, your Bud Light, NASCAR, and hunting season.

  • Ruben

    I’m French, several times in my life (especially in the last three years) I have been the target of verbal attacks. The most common form is usually in a joke form, but at one point one dude has actually looked me in the face and said in a “cool” tone: “because you’re cowards” funnily enough, when I offered to show him that we are not he backed down. I guess he truly believed we were, and wasn’t ready for an ass kicking. Well one way or another, there is a nice booklet, issued by the US military back in 1946 (or around that time), it can actually be found in .pdf format online, but I will just leave a link for 112 gripes about the French.

    It is incredible to read through it and find the same exact lame reasons we hear today. Wow, some people somewhere really have kept it up, this is one of the longets kept propaganda machines ever.

    I love the states. Lived six years in L.A. and met the most incredible people. I guess you are right, the problem is that the pick-up loving people have been left out of the information wheel.

  • sara

    Wrong. You have all obviously never been to France and/or are unfamiliar with the French and French culture. Many people hate France and the French for reasons that have nothing to do with the war. It is much too late for me to elaborate so let me simply enumerate several reasons to hate them:

    1)Hypocrisy- they criticize America’s decision to go to war yet their past vis-a-vis the Arab World and Asia is horrendous. They are war criminals.

    2)Racism- The french are hypocritical racists, although they are themselves not considered a pure race by us Vikings. They mistreat foreigners and they usually target the poor, uneducated and vulnerable. That is to say, they deal with wealthy foreigners (much of Paris is owned by Muslims) yet they mistreat Eastern Europeans, Arabs, Muslims, Asians etc., and usually the poor, helpless and vulnerable. SICK!

    3) they are overly critical of other nations yet fail to criticize their own nation.

    4)The country’s laws defy their own creeds.

    5)They are uncivilised brutes- impolite, rude and vulgar.

    6)They smell bad.

    7)They overprice their products.

    etc. etc. etc

  • Fanch

    “LOVE me, please love me…”

    We smell bad???!!!Hum hum….
    impolite? yes i am
    vulgar? not really

    we can not sum up France as those adjectives, so stupid!
    Sur ce, je vous salue avec toute ma brutalité et ma rudesse… désolée pour l’odeur.

  • Bill

    Speaking of hypocrisy and racism, you do a pretty job yourself, sara. Your a moron, and you make me ashamed to have call you a fellow American.