The cult grows

Another convert.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Oh God…I KNEW this would happen. You’ve become one of THEM.

    MAC USER: I use a MAC…I can surf the web, edit movies and write documents!

    PC USER: Uh, good for you, I can do all of that with my PC.

    MAC USER: (SMIRK) Of course you can. (CHUCKLE) I bet you think you can fly to Mars in a cordboard box with NASA written on the side, too.

    PC USER: Don’t be such a condescending ass…a Mac is just a computer, it isn’t the Holy Grail.

    MAC USER: HA! Next you’ll be telling me that Steve Jobs can’t cure cancer!

    PC USER: O…K… well, gotta go, see ya later.

    MAC USER: I won another argument! Thank you, TIGER!

  • Cult? Are you mad? Steve Jobs doesn’t wear robes and send us all out with colored pebbles to sell for a buck. Apple has a following because everyone who owns one of their machines falls in love with it. Yes, it’s easy to use. Yes, it’s reliable. Yes, your files don’t disappear on you and end up on intended hard drives or inexplicable file nestings. Yes, you can find anything on it, even if it’s a word inside a pdf. But that’s not why we love them, that’s only why we take them for granted. Why we love them is because in addition to all of that, they are beautiful and a pleasure to use.

    Now if you want to talk about cults, look at Microsoft. Every operating system they have ever released was and is buggy crap, yet vast herds of unenlightened people still worship them. Why?