iPod video has been a ding moment across media.

: Burger King is going to produce commercials for the video iPod. Of course, they are really no different from commercials produced for any other screen. But saying that you’re producing them gets you publicity, like this. And it also forces you to make the commercials compelling enough that people don’t throw out their iPods and pick up a book after watching.

: I say that what really needs to happen is for sponsors to add their commercials to the vlogs and shows I’m watching now. Ad agencies are whining about measurement. Well, wake up, fools! TV is exploding. People are watching TV online and on their iPods and you’re not there with them. And if you start supporting this new form of programming, there will be more programming and more audience and more less scarcity of ad avails and lower prices for those ad avails and you’ll be happy. So get cracking, kids.

: A media exec even older than I am advises his colleagues:

If you’re in the media business (radio, TV, whatever), or in any business that is remotely associated with media, you should bite the bullit and buy an iPod (nano, mini, video, whatever)… download iTunes… and start understanding what’s happening out there (here)…. Keep your receipt and take the deduction as a business expense. You can thank me later.

: And, of course, there’s mobile porn (though those small screens are bad for older eyes). And add these bullets.

Once again, there’s nothing new about iPod video any more than there was anything new about iTunes except that Apple made it so easy we could get what we want — and so obvious even media executives could figure it out: The control of the big, old networks on what goes in and what goes out is ending.