Here’s a transcript of the NewsHour segment on shield laws, leaks, and all that.

  • Jeff,

    I’ve always wondered why news programs bring commentators on like youself, taking at least an hour of your day in prep/green room time so that you can speak on air for less than 100 words and 30 seconds in total time.

  • It was great to see you on NH, Jeff, and making points that are otherwise unheard on the Boob-tube. It was a more elevated discussion and two, much needed breather periods in my usually constant two hour nightly ranting at the talking heads.

    Here’s hoping they fit you in more often and on a wider range of topics. Actually, I spent some time afterwards wondering how the segment thread might have run had you been doing it and am curious if you think the discussion emphasis would have been different.

  • Beth

    I was really glad you were part of the News Hour conversation and was about ready to start yelling at the TV when they finally turned to you and you pointed out the central issue: journalists being used by government, and worse, journalists loving it!

    My husband and I have been incredibly angry at how self-serving most of what journalists have to say about this case is and the usual odd combination of whining and pomposity about journalists needing protection so they can serve the public…, who do they think they are kidding? Judith Miller liked power and being part of a secret a million times more than she was trying to serve the public. She and way too many other journalists have been seduced by their own sense of self-importance and the perks that come with power and privilege. She and Cooper could have spoken out if they weren’t so chummy with their sources and we might have had a fair election last fall.

  • I came across your segment quite by accident, as I usually don’t watch TV for anything but the weather report. I thought you were terrific. We linked to the transcript today. Kudos.