Sadie Hawkins day on cable

Well, it was an interesting day on cable Sunday. On Reliable Sources, we saw the right going after the right over Harriet Miers and we saw the left going after the paper of the left on Judy Miller. Echo chamber? What echo chamber? Echo chamber? What echo chamber?

I apparently pissed off a few of my liberal goombas when I said that the Democrats have some answering to do for their cynical acceptance of Miers and here’s what I said in response to them on their blogs:

We all know that Miers is not qualified and for Democrats to say we’ll take her anyway is essentially a cynical and even irresponsible act. If he nominated Madonna, would you say, well, OK, it could be worse? Or should we demand better of Bush. I hope we still stand for quality. And I don’t care whom that irritates.

The real issue here is that Bush put up a crony and a fool and tried to make fools of all of us and we ignore that stand at our own peril.

Meanwhile, Hinderaker was going after the right for going after the right’s leader and his candidate. We should have just sat back and watched them eat their young.