I should be Jewish. Instead, I’m a cranky Congregationalist.

  • Michael Zimmer

    I don’t get it.

  • Eat more matzo balls, less Jell-O salad.

  • Michael Denial

    Nu, so have you been to see the good doctor [Dr. Schaechter] about it, Jarvis? And then, maybe your local Rabbi.

    I’m not Jewish, by the way, just playing along. God! I’m so hungry, I could eat half the side of a pig.

  • Well, Michael Z, then it’s certainly not worth explaining. Gags never are.

  • Greg Toombs

    To me , it just looks like a couple of white geeks sitting around talking.

  • In dire straits or the Catskills anybody can be Jewish.

    In the Catskills on St. Patrick’s Day you can be Jewish and Irish. (Ever notice how alike Samson and Chuchulainn are? Samson, Chuchulainn; separated at birth? :) )

  • Shouldn’t that be “gnosh on matzo balls”? But I especially recommend bagels and cream cheese, it goes easier on the pajamas.

  • In the New York Metropolitan area, everybody’s a little bit Jewish. It just happens. Kosher Chinese food anyone?

  • nee, straks!*

    * in English “no, later!”
    nu? (Dutch for “now?”)